Godknows star continues to shine

prison_horror_godknowsSome people come out of jail as hardened criminals. For Gwanda-born Godknows Nare it was a time to have dialogue with his inner self and he came out of the jail reformed and a new person. (Pictured: The Zimbabwean prison horror which won Godknows awards)

JOHANNEBSURG – Nare (35) is how an internationally acclaimed journalist with tremendous investigative skills. After completing his Advanced level at Manama High School in Gwanda, he joined the multitude of Zimbabweans in South Africa in search for greener pastures in the early 1990s.

He tried to use the short cuts to make a quick buck by doing some armed robbery, but was arrested in 1995 and spent the next 10 years behind bars. While in prison he did not loose hope in life but continued with his journalism. He vowed to change his way of living and become a useful member of society.

The year 2006 saw Nare getting a job as a freelancer for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Given a new lease of life, he did not disappoint and went on to expose the illicit cross-border transportation between Zimbabwe and South Africa. Spurning the danger, he ventured into the bowels of the Musina and Beitbridge jungles at night to photograph and interview border jumpers. He also exposed the notorious maguma guma who rob people in the bushes as they try to cross the border.

He exposed the expectations-turned-sour of some Zimbabweans in South Africa who find reality staring them in the eyes with no sign of help, and went a step further to expose some old men who were abusing young boys at the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg.

In 2009, Nare exposed the life of hell in Zimbabwean prisons which shocked the whole world. This expose won him the Lorenzo Natali Prize, a European Union Award for human rights, and Hell Hole Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Award for human rights by Amnesty International. This opened the horizons for Nare, who is a devout member of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC).

He was approached by various international media houses with offers of work. He did some work on freelance basis for Al Jazeera, New York Times, British Broadcasting Corporation, Cable News Network, Canadian International and German radio. Godknows is still employed by the SABC as a producer and investigator for the programme Special Assignment. He has produced countless documentaries.

The Sotho-speaking Nare has just released a comedy entitled Tshisa Magogo (the working type), which he wrote and directed with his workmate and boss Johanna Abrahams.

The comedy is about a stupid man Mpondo who is embroiled in a love triangle between his abusive wife Thandi and old woman who is his neighbour. It is full of action including karate, dancing and a few beatings and start Zimbabwean and South African actors.

I just wanted to entertain people with this comedy. You wont stop laughing. I have got a passion for films. I was born a film maker. I want to do another film in December if funds permit. It is difficult to get funding. I had to fund the whole shoot from my own pocket, said Nare in a recent interview.

He believes the sky is the limit for him, and vows that he will continue to expose the evils in society with fear or favour.

I believe God has a purpose for my life. I am not ashamed of my past. I consider jail to have been a college in which I studied to be a better person, he said.

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