Ostacles need to be cleared for tourism to boom

The President of the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ), Tichaona Hwingwiri, says his association is pleased with the upward trend within travel and tourism in the past two years.


He says, however, Zimbabwe still has "much more ground to cover for it to enjoy the number of international tourist arrivals of the boom period of the 1990s".

"A great many factors still act as obstacles to a full and unimpeded progress towards tourism growth and development, among which is the domestic air service situation," he said in an exclusive interview.

"Domestic tourism has been slow particularly in areas such as the Eastern Highlands, Kariba, Great Zimbabwe and the Bulawayo area but continues to grow in destinations such as Harare and Victoria Falls.

"It is hoped that all obstacles to tourism growth can be identified and removed and HAZ remains keen to work with other partners such as the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism (ZCT) and others in this regard."

Zimbabwe's tourism industry used to be very active before the violence that accompanied the controversial Land Resettlement Programme (LRP) in 2000.

The violence resulted in some countries warning their citizens against travelling to the country.

The Minister of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Engineer Walter Mzembi, recently said he too is pleased with the industry's progress especially the fact that Zimbabwe is expected to host the World Tourism Fair in October this year.

The country will share this prestigious event with neighbours, Zambia.

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  • Dennis Matt

    Now a days tourism really affects from natural as well as human obstacles called terrorism. Many tourists feared from terrorists attack and some from natural disaster which can happened at any time. Fear of such things had made human uncomfortable to go for tourism.

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    Tourism and Hospitality Industry has very important role in economy and development of a country. Many countries take positive steps to grow the industry which helps flourish the economy. The countries like Zimbabwe have security issues that’s why tourists are reluctant to visit there. They have to take action to clear the obstacles and save tourism industry.

  • Alma JWilhite

    The terms tourism and friendliness are co-related and gathered together as a solitary industry. However these both accommodation and tourism commercial ventures are seen as two individual segments. There exist covering between these two. Tourism is characterized as the persons travel and strives for the spots outside of their regular surroundings for short of what one year to fulfill their business reason and for recreation; they are not utilized there on going to places.

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    wow mate.u duin it big,cnt belive i was your vice captain and u now this far.comgrats mate,u made it work…go live the dream for ol of us,coz its not the moments we lost dat count but the ones we are in.*one love*