Music academy lacks funds

Sungura musician Nicholas ‘Madzibaba’ Zakaria has been unable to complete work on the ‘Nicholas Zakaria Academy’ by June 2013 due to lack of funds.

The Sungura King, well known as ‘Senior Lecturer’, said he managed to acquire most of the instruments for the academy but he was struggling to put up the infrastructure. The stand, which is in Unit J Chitungwiza, has not been developed since it was acquired three years ago.

He is trying to use the money from his live shows for the development of the academy.

“So far I have purchased six guitars, two amplifiers and two mixers,” said Madzibaba.

His plan was to buy high-class equipment to create a good sound system for learners.

“I will try my best to purchase high class equipment so those attending the academy can play music with quality instruments.”

Madzibaba had hoped to complete constructing the academy by June this year.

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