Zim thriller features star-studded cast

Psychological thriller movie fanatics should brace for a captivating festive season when Zimbabwe’s first production in this genre hits the big screen.

Jason Statham.
Jason Statham.

Titled Enigma, The Secret of the Circle, the thriller boasts a cocktail of celebrated names. Critics have already hinted that the movie might have borrowed its concept from the American star-studded film The Expendables, which featured top stars like Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Jet Li.

Enigma has its own fair share of locally celebrated names. It features musician Ashley Mafunga, popularly known as Ashley Winterton, as the lead actor. He is supported by the National Arts Merit Awards winner Dax L Jackson and veteran actor Stephen Chigorimbo. Zimbabwean songstress Kudzai Sevenzo together with veteran writer and actor Charles Mzemba, popularly known for his piece Rovambira, also feature in the movie. Veteran journalist Dave Emberton, a news anchor at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, also has a slot, while budding actors Sharon Lee and Michaela Franceschi are included.

Writer and director Charles Mawungwa is upbeat that the movie is going to be a blockbuster. “This is set to be the biggest film production Zimbabwe has ever seen. It is set for release in December. The great cast and the story line are certain to make it a hit. We have a thoroughly new concept,” said Mawungwa.

Shooting of is currently in progress. The film is set in modern day Zimbabwe and narrates the political turmoil and economic crisis that led to the rise of a new and devastating problem. Enigma zooms its lenses on the mysterious accidents and disappearances taking a cue from Masvingo Province where more than 16 people vanish, including the daughter of a foreign diplomat.

The incident sparks speculation across the region. Traditionalists believe it is part of some ancestral punishment for the cultural disintegration, while Christians are convinced it’s the work of the Devil and the media has a more underground political plot theory.

A panel of detectives from the local Criminal Investigations Department is chosen to investigate the accidents and find the missing victims. They are working on a more practical case of a serial kidnapper, but with the unveiling of events, the truth proves much worse than anybody could ever have imagined.

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