Council, business sector fight pollution

Harare City Council has embarked on a $475,000 bio-digester project to get rid of all solid and sewage waste generated in Mbare in a bid to fight pollution.

Uncollected garbage between Bank Street and Charter Road in thge CBD.
Uncollected garbage between Bank Street and Charter Road in thge CBD.

“The bio-digester plant will be constructed near Shawasha hostels and will have the capacity to consume five tonnes of solid waste and all sewage generated at the hostels and Mbare Musika,” said city environmental regulatory planner, Clifford Muzofa.

The bio-reactors will have a capacity of 800 cubic-meters and the plant will generate 200KVA power a day, which will sold to the national grid.

“This will improve cleanliness at the hostels and Mbare Musika where sewage and solid waste is an eyesore,” said Muzofa. Solid waste such as paper, plastics and cardboard boxes will be sent for recycling. The city is also in the process of resuscitating its sewage treatment plants at Firle and Crowborough under the Chinese $144m loan. The water services director, Christopher Zvobgo, said they had de-clogged all the ponds at the sewage plants to avoid releasing effluent into Lake Chivero. “Chitungwiza Town Council has also embarked on revamping its sewer treatment plant to avoid discharging directly to water sources,” he said. Meanwhile, Tapera Mazodza, an official at Delta Zimbabwe said food and beverage companies had invested over $1m to establish a plant that can recycle plastic materials and produce plastic products such as chairs.

PETRICO-Zimbabwe, a company that promotes recycling of plastic, glass-bottles and cans, was formed in 2009. Glass and cans are compressed and sold to a South African company for further recycling.

“Our role is to initiate the project and source partners so that communities and individuals can be able to collect the waste, work on it and identify possible markets to make money and in the process keep our environment clean,” he said.

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