Social networks divided us, concedes Ndolwane Super Sounds

Three years after their last showing together on stage, award-winning group, Ndolwane Super Sounds members Charles Ndebele and Martin Sibanda performed in an emotional show which left revellers clamouring for more recently.

Ndolwane members on stage
Ndolwane members on stage

The duo accused their fans of causing disharmony between them through social networks.

The pair also reminded revellers of the past through their hit songs Amanginqigonqo, Inqokonqoko, Donsa and Phenduka.

Ndebele who had organised the show before playing with Sibanda highlighted how a unity of purpose is important for success in life.

"Martin is my brother and will remain one," said Ndebele inviting Sibanda to join him on stage.

"People through social networks like facebook and whatsapp are always causing unnecessary and non existing fights between us. Not even one day have we exchanged harsh words with my brother Sibanda, but instead those fights are fuelled on social networks which end up being true while not. We came a long way with Sibanda and no one will separate or destroy our relationship. I also appeal to those trying to destroy us to focus on developing music than destroying our characters."

Ndebele also explained reasons of their separation as band members three years ago. "We had different views on going forward and we decided to part ways.

We never fought as pushed by liars. When given an opportunity we will work together as we have done previously, there is no any bad blood existing between us. When you differ in views it does not mean you are fighting,"

emphasised Ndebele clearing rumours that they are not in good books with Ndebele.

Sibanda said, "Ndebele is my twin brother and will always support every initiative he does. Whenever he needs my support I am always there and I appreciate seeing him still going strong in music. We will work together to crush those trying to destroy us by lying that we do not see eye to eye.

These facebook people must always try to unite than destroy," urged Sibanda.

Sibanda's manager Denzel Dube also added that, "We wanted to show people that Charles and Martin are brothers, so people must not think that these guys are fighting, there is no fight between the two guys, you can plant two or more trees in one pot once they grown you have to take them apart."

A happy fan Trynos Ncube also applauded Ndebele and Sibanda for uniting.

"The crowd is pleased of you guys coming together. We liked Ndolwane Super Sounds from our childhood days and we will appreciate seeing you working on those projects together for the sake of us. The more you unite, the higher the Ndolwane flag is raised," he said.

Ndebele and Sibanda separated ways due to what sources had called "irreconcilable differences" with the former establishing a group called Ndolwane Super Sounds Amangwe 1 and has since released its solo project, Azibuye Emasisweni.

Sibanda is also conducting music shows around Zimbabwe using the Ndolwane Super Sounds title. Abson Bhule Ndebele, one of the band's founding members who was seen as a uniting figure, died in a car accident five years ago.

The group had defied a number of odds in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry, producing hit after hit since their debut recording, Ndoyana. Their last offering was the 2009, Zethembe.

Of the albums they recorded, Hluphile, got the most airplay and was banned in some parts of Zimbabwe after it was perceived to be 'too political'.

A reproduction of their pivotal, Africa, released in 1997, was used in South African Broadcasting Corporation programmes to unite the continent ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that South Africa hosted.

This split is one in a list of break ups that has characterized Zimbabwe's musical groups over the years.

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