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“Our vision is that within five years, we would have become a leading provider of excellent coaching - empowering young players and promoting autonomous coaching across a comprehensive range of schools across Zimbabwe,” said Lord Morris Kakunguwo, Chief Executive Officer of Zimbabwe Football Development Academy-Centre of Football Excellence.

“This is an evolving vision, as we are in the process of discussing and developing it. We serve to identify and train young footballers of the 5-16-year age group, working in partnership with schools in Zimbabwe to deliver the Spanish Soccer Schools Programme.

The academy hoped the Ministry of Education and Sports would adopt its programme and make it a national curriculum for all schools. It aimed to participate at Qatar 2022 World Cup. “Our coaches will be tasked with training following our quality standards to achieve the desired results in the near future, whereby every school will have the opportunity and potential to produce a national star who will be an asset to the national team,” added Kakunguwo.

“I believe that grassroots football is the only key to our success at national level. All the teams that have conquered in international tournaments have established a clear system like this one, where coaches have a role to play for the success of the country by developing young players. We will be affiliated to Zifa, Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Youth.”

The Spanish Soccer Schools Programme places much emphasis on basics like keeping possession, playing short passes and playing entertaining football like the Spanish National team and Barcelona – Spanish league giants that are internationally famed for playing an excellent brand of football.

“Players will also be asked to play from the goalkeeper, thereby encouraging short passes and team play, as they build their attacking prowess following the concept of triangles of play during passage of play all the time. “Coaches will be asked to follow the FA Four corners of football, which are Physical, Psychological, Social and Technical, when coaching young players.” Among its vast strategic aims, the academy wishes to build an engaged workforce of coaches focused on controlling and passing of the ball for young players, continuously improve the quality and productivity of our services, deliver excellent personalised play, training and support.

“The performance of our coaches and our young players is our number one priority and caring means more than showing compassion to our young players and each other as individuals. It’s also about having a can-do attitude, stepping up and caring to be the best we can. Because we care, we give praise when it’s due.”

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