MDC condones Beitbridge protests

The MDC applauds the Zimbabweans who rose up in Beitbridge on Friday to protest against the ban on imports of basic commodities by the evil Zanu PF government. In our considered view this brave and courageous act is a direct result of what happens when the masses have been pushed too far. The people use the only language Robert Mugabe and his party can ever understand. For too long have the people played docile while this government has done nothing but take them for fools.

zimra warehouse 550The import ban like all Zanu PF government policies is an ill thought out decision which is designed to bring further misery upon our people. Thousands of Zimbabweans rely on imported goods due to the collapse of the manufacturing sector and industry caused by government’s failure and incompetence. Thanks to the shortage of jobs in the country, with more than 90per cent of the population not formerly employed, thousands of people had turned to cross border trading via the Beitbridge border post as a source of livelihood. What the regime is doing is akin to taking the food out of people’s mouths when it cannot feed them.  Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha is better advised to take a deep breath, look himself  in the mirror and consider the repercussions of his directive on imports.

As MDC we stand in solidarity with the brave Zimbabweans who rose up in Beitbridge and did something about this injustice. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that before coming up with such a stiff measure on imports you should first ensure that the country is producing adequate and affordable products for its citizens.

The border chaos is just the beginning of bigger problems for President Mugabe and Zanu PF and a reflection of the deep anger and discontent being felt by millions of Zimbabweans towards the failed regime.

We would like to warn the regime that such acts of civil unrest will continue to break out throughout the country as long as it continues to abuse and terrorise its citizens. President Mugabe must admit he has completely failed to govern this country and it is time for him to surrender. There is no greater power like people power.

The people are clearly sick and tired of the Zanu PF government playing dice with their lives. We have no doubt that right now as the country is burning President Mugabe and his family are sitting comfortably watching the news from the comfort of their homes in Singapore or Dubai.

Kurauone Chihwayi
MDC Spokesperson

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