Chiwenga warns street protest to “desist” – no you desist propping failed dictatorship

You cannot have your cake and eat it too! This is just plain common sense but tyrants like Mugabe think otherwise.

Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga

Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga

When it comes to holding free, fair and credible elections, Mugabe has been deaf, blind and dumb because he repeatedly ignored all calls for meaningful change to ensure elections are free and fair. He has blatantly rigged the elections to secure a landslide victory. And yet after the elections he has been quick to claim the legitimacy and protection given to the winner of free, fair and credible elections.

“I was elected by the people. As long as the people and party says continue, I continue…If I still have the energy, I still have the life, the blessings of God, I will continue.” Was Mugabe’s defiant reply to the historic war veterans’ statement denouncing him as a dictator and demanding his resignation.

Mugabe’s cronies who have never cared about rule of law, justice, human rights, free and fair elections, etc. are joining the tyrant in proclaiming his political legitimacy and their willingness to defend his continued rule.

“The Zimbabwe Defence Forces will never accept any unconstitutional change of Government and will stand firm and unequivocal by President Mugabe who was duly and democratically elected by the people of Zimbabwe, the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) General Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga has said,” said a report in The Chronicle.

“It follows that the ZDF, while remaining apolitical, would not tolerate or support any unconstitutional change of Government in the country, whether internally or externally induced,” said Chiwenga.

Does Chiwenga know what being apolitical means or he is just parroting what he has heard others saying? He is on record, saying he would not “salute anyone with no liberation war record”. He should know that in the last 16 years the Army has played a major role in the intimidation, beating, raping and even killing of civilians to help Mugabe and Zanu PF stay in power. And Chiwenga himself is a member of the Joint Operation Command, the shadowy “parallel government”, as Tendai Biti called it, complete with its own illegal sources of funds that has ruled Zimbabwe for decades now.

And yet today General Chiwenga wants to cut a figure of an outstanding public figure and defender of the constitution and the people. He is not fooling anyone with that!

No amount of pretending and propaganda can change the fact that Zimbabwe is de facto one-party dictatorship in which elections are routinely rigged. The country is in a real economic mess because of 36 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. Other than the few ruling elite, including Chiwenga and Mugabe, who have grown filthy rich the overwhelming majority of the people have suffered as unemployment soared to dizzying heights of 90% and as much as 76% of our people now in abject poverty.

“Where contradictions exist, we must be able to dialogue, bearing in mind that we are one people. We should learn to synchronise our approaches and have a common vision where the nation thinks with one mind, hears with one ear, speaks with one voice and collectively pulls in one direction,” Chiwenga argued.

There lies the heart of our political problem; one which simpletons like Chiwenga and tyrants like Mugabe, blinded by their stupidity and/or greed, have failed comprehend. Why should a nation of 14 million be forced into a straitjacket to speak with one voice, think with one mind and, most notable of all in a dictatorship, rig the elections to ensure the victory of one Robert Gabriel Mugabe regardless he is a proven corrupt and murderous tyrant!

“It is the ZDF’s hope, therefore, that the internal component of this asymmetric threat to the country will take heed and desist from these divisive activities for the betterment of the whole nation,” said Chiwenga, threateningly.

General Chiwenga, you are a simpleton (Mugabe has always surrounded himself with simpletons to do his dirty bidding) so I will put this in plain and simple language so even you, a simpleton, will understand. Please understand that:

  • Mugabe rigged the last elections so stop all this nonsense of Mugabe was “dully and democratically elected by the people of Zimbabwe”. We all know he rigged the elections and stubbornly refused to release such key documents as the July 2013 voters roll because it is the smoking gun.


  • Mugabe has used the ZDF staff to carry out some dirty vote rigging activities, as a senior officer in the Army you General Chiwenga would know the details. It is therefore nonsense for you of all the people to claim that “ZDF is apolitical”.


  • The present de facto Zanu PF dictatorship has failed to deliver freedom, justice, human rights and dignity and economic prosperity. The economic hardships brought on by the decades of criminal waste of human and material resources are socially and politically unsustainable.


  • The social unrest that we have seen in the country is from the people demanding an end to their economic suffering. Listen to the people because they will never stop until the country has meaningful political change leading to free, fair and credible elections; the pre-requisite for meaningful economic recovery.


  • You can join Mugabe in denying that the Zanu PF dictatorship has failed the nation and most end; what matters here is that it has failed and that regime change is already upon us. When ZDF fight the people demanding change the Army will not fighting to preserve the country’s independence, etc. but rather to perpetuate the corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship.


  • There will be a thorough investigation into the conduct of elections in Zimbabwe, especially the July 2013 elections; no stone will be left unturned in the drive to establish the facts. If it should be established that the elections were indeed rigged and that people like yourself General Chiwenga known this and even played a part in this treasonous act then you must know that you and all those responsible will be punished!

After 36 years of propping a corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship with disastrous consequences to the nation it is high time that people like General Chiwenga opened their eyes and accepted this system has failed and must therefore be changed. The choice here is not of whether or not to accept change but rather whether it is going to be peaceful or violent change; by resisting change the regime is per se electing violent change.

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