Family planning in partnership with private sector

This journalist has learnt that the Midlands Family Planning Council intends entering into an agreement with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in order to become a more successful organisation that will stand the test of time.

birth-controll-pillsSpeaking on behalf of medical director Dr Nyadundu, Marry Machekeza issued a statement at the breakfast family planning meeting held at Fairmile Motel on the 8th of September, regarding the need to engage private players in new projects.

“This forum is the culmination of all the lessons learnt from a tour of the Chitungwiza hospital, the only ISO certified public health institution in Southern Africa. Despite the harsh economic environment, this hospital has defied all odds. It and keeps afloat and continues to offer excellent services to the public. You will agree that the Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the finest example of excellent service delivery by a public health institution,” said Machekeza.

Dr Nyadundu has, for some time, urged local authorities and private companies to support and partner with the ZNFPC in their integrated family planning services that encompass sexual and reproductive health services such as HIV testing, screening for cancer of the reproductive organs, sub fertility and male circumcision.

National family planning council Provincial Manager, Tinashe Nyanyiwa echoed these sentiments saying that only through joint ventures will ZNFPC be able to achieve the fundamental goals of providing quality family planning services for all in future.

“Our gathering here today to engage with local authorities and private companies is necessary to get them to support and partner ZNFPC in the renovation of old structures so that facilities can conform to world class standards,” said Nyanyiwa.

Speaking on behalf of Chitungwiza Central Hospital (HCC) chief executive officer, the co-ordinating officer, Gideon Mapokotera shared the hospital’s effective strategies that have been employed to operate successfully in the current dynamic environment through the PPP.

“Through the PPP our hospital boasts a state of the art, well furnished and well equipped facility that would even turn Dr Guramatunhu green with envy,” said Mapokotera with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

In his presentation, Dr Moyo added that the joint ventures benefit institutions with a high degree of funding certainty, refurbishment and expansion of hospital facilities, managerial expertise and commercial flair. He also said that because of the PPP the hospital now exempts impoverished patients from paying hospital bills.

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