We cannot predict the futures

I have deliberately used plural here because we always have potential multiple futures which are determined both by destiny and our actions. I find it strange when political parties declare one future. We have several future scenarios possible most of which will be determined by our attitudes.

Vince Musewe

For Zimbabweans the best potential future scenario is a transitional government of national unity which excludes all the deadwood. I do not believe that a singular group of politicians can create the Zimbabwe we want. I do not believe that only one group of people have all the solutions the insights and the necessary skills to take us forward. We have.many talented people out there and my wish is that we all converge and bring out the best among us.

I don’t buy this idea that only abc can bring the change we all want and yet there are some out there saying Nhingi chete chete. That’s a warped narrow narrative of the future. I think we should all be in one team and that team must source talent from everywhere. I also think it’s critical to have any next President under serious scutiny and checks and balances. You see no matter what we may wish human beings are by nature imperfect and the more they try the more imperfect they become.

As opposition politicians we have an opportunity to change the paradigm of what leadership is and create a Zimbabwe not imagined by Zanupf. They must all be retired in 2018 but they will not preside over their demise. This means they cannot run the elections. This means we cannot rely on the old formula thinking numbers will deliver freedom. That’s fantasy. We want no domination by anyone whether they be Zanupf or not. That is one thing we must all reject.

No.more personality based politics nor propaganda that only one person can lead us forward. The futures we create will be dependent on new ideas and  new habits. In my opinion the older generation politicians might not be the best suited to create that future. They must take a back seat and watch and if necessary only advise.

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