Tsvangirai’s hope for 2018, urges people to vote

MUTARE – MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has hope for 2018 elections. He has encouraged Zimbabweans to register to vote through the biometric voting system, which he hopes will eliminate electoral fraud.

Morgan Tsvangirai

The Biometric Voter Registration System (BVRS) is a highly advanced information system that allows enrolling and identifying millions of voters quickly. The possibility of election fraud is minimized, at the same time considerably accelerating the voter identification process.

Addressing journalists in Mutare yesterday before a meeting of  Manicaland provincial and district executive party leaders, Tsvangirai urged people to register as voters.

“People are concerned at the potential for vote rigging by Zanu PF. They know of the past processes. Now that there will be the new biometric process we hope there will be no election fraud,” he said.

“People have been calling for free, fair and credible elections and I now encourage them to go and register,” he said.  The MDC-T leader implored the United Nations to now monitor and partner the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) in the purchasing of the biometric voter registration equipment.

“We need the United Nations to come in and help in the purchasing of the equipment. There is $200 million for that,” he said.

He urged ZEC to continue working towards holding free and fair elections through implementing other necessary reforms.

“There have been cases of voter intimidation. There is fear in people about their future. Past elections in Zimbabwe have been marred by intimidation and violence. We are worried about SADC and the African Union because in the past they have endorsed elections that have not been free and fair,” explained Tsvangirai.

“The situation has been worsened by the partisan conduct of the security services who have been unleashing violence against MDC supporters during elections. We are worried about the selection of election observers who are aligned to Zanu PF. This has reduced the confidence of ordinary Zimbabweans in the ability of the observers to preside over free and fair elections,” he said.

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  • Nomusa Garikai

    Here we go, MDC-T has failed to get even one meaningful reform implemented and now it is preparing to contest the elections in total disregard of its own party resolution “No reform, no election!” These guys do not care that Zanu PF is going to rig the vote again or about the economic consequences of another rigged, all they are after is the few seat Zanu PF traditional give away as bait to contesting opposition candidates!

    MDC-T are now a Zanu PF partner in rigging the elections!

    • JongweRachembera

      Couldn’t agree more. I suppose they know we can all be taken for fools time and time again.

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    So what happened to “No reform, no elections”?

    If there is anything that is certain, it is that unless reforms are implemented before the elections, Zanu PF will rig the vote! We cannot afford another rigged elections!

    • JongweRachembera

      No reforms, No chance of free and fair elections. These guys should have learnt a lesson from past elections. Nothing will change unless they pressure for reforms.

      • Patrick Guramatunhu

        I agree.