Tsvangirai speaks on 2018 MDC-T candidates

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has told Midlands South party provincial leadership in Gweru that primary elections to choose candidates for 2018 elections may not be conducted. He said the internal party polls have over the years divided MDC-T's supporters and weakened the party ahead of elections in developments that gave Zanu (PF) an upper hand.

Morgan Tsvangirai

“Even some of the candidates that come out of the primary elections have not been good office bearers. Some of them have been corrupt and tarnished the party image. This is why I am saying candidates for 2018 should be chosen by consensus and primary elections avoided,” he said.

The MDC-T leader also pledged to be involved in the selection of all party candidates.

“I know all of you and so I will be personally involved in choosing candidates this time around. If you say we have reached consensus to choose so and so to be our candidate when I know that person is not fit for such a position, I will not accept them,” he said.

The MDC-T leader emphasized on the need for unity within the party if the movement is to be able to remove President Robert Mugabe from power.

Analysts have argued that the imposition of candidates and factionalism cost the MDC-T the 2013 election, which was contentiously won by President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.
The party’s elections secretary, Murisi Zwizwai said consensus was meant to guard against divisions.

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  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    Here we go , MDC is reinventing the wheel and coming up with a triangular shape instead of the circular shape. Instead of democratic elections elect candidate the party will have “consensus” – no one knows how this consensus position is reached. After electing one by consensus Tsvangirai can still veto the candidate because he alone is the wisest of all!

    On national elections, the party has abandoned the demand for free, fair and credible elections in favour of contesting flawed elections. It has its secret weapon – Winning In Rigged Election (WIRE) strategies.

    With such stupid leaders it is no surprise that MDC has failed to bring about even one one democratic change in all the party’s 17 years in politics 5 of which in the GNU!