BCC to toughen up bylaws

The Bulawayo city council has condemned 36 city buildings for failing to comply with the city safety by laws.

The Director of Housing and Community services, Isaiah Magagula, said a recent survey carried out by the council revealed that the structural integrity and physical appearance of some city buildings was in a dilapidated state.

Some of the buildings have gone for several years without water and electricity in clear violation of sections 48 and 49 of the model building bylaws.

“Non-compliance notices have been issued to owners but there has been a poor response. Council has latitude to rectify the wrong and recover the costs but this is hindered by cost implications,” said Magagula, adding that the council faced huge challenges in the implementation of its by-laws.

Strategies to be implemented include planning, re-zoning and continuous monitoring of public buildings as well as amending some bylaws to increase penalties and fine offenders.

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