Mhlanga to direct new play

Legendary theatre director Cont Mhlanga is to take charge of a superstar cast in Rooftop Promotions' adaptation of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's epic play, An Enemy of the People, next week.

Cont Mhlanga
Cont Mhlanga

Daves Guzha, the play's producer said Rooftop had made a decision to bring in the seasoned Bulawayo-based director, who is also founder of Amakhosi Theatre.

"We decided to let Mhlanga direct this play because the stories that we are dealing with needed someone with his experience. Undoubtedly Cont is a master at dealing with complex socio-political topics," Guzha said.

Adapted to a local setting, the play is about what goes on when authorities in the town in which the play is set build a huge water complex that is crucial to the economy. Dr Chombo, the town's water engineer, has just discovered that the water and drainage system are seriously contaminated. He alerts several members of the community, including the journalist Ncube, editor of The Peoples Messenger.

Guzha said the production was important as it celebrated the work of the great Norwegian writer, who is widely regarded as the father of modern-day theatre.

The play also tackles issues like the central role of the media and how it can influence society. It also addresses the question of power - how public officials can use their influence to uplift or bring down their communities.

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