Willom Tight to re-launch career

After spending three years in the musical wilderness, popular dancehall artist Willom Tight, is set to release his new album, A Dozen Wishes at 40, at the end of August.

Willom Tight
Willom Tight

Willom said he was coming back on the musical scene a super-charged man. The album will also carry a song that is dedicated to the late Sam Mtukudzi.

“The song is called Wakaenda Usina Kuwoneka. We were working with Sam on a new album when he passed away. We did a lot of shows together, especially outside the country. He was like a brother to me and I really miss him a lot and he left so many people in pain,” said the popular musician.

“Now I have my own Public Address system. That was one major setback because I constantly hired equipment which took up most of the money we made at shows. The Tight Family is back together and we promise good things,” he said.

The album includes the tracks Come Dhuze and Tariro that have already become hits at live shows.

Willom gives hope to the people in bad situations with the song Tariro (Hope).

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