Kapfupi mixes comedy and music in new album

Freddy kapfupi Mwanjalima is set to top the music charts with his new album that fuses drama and music. (Pictured: Freddy Kapfupi : I believe that I have gathered the musical experience. I am now mature musically and my latest album puts me as one of the best artists in the sungura g

He follows in the foot step of the late Safirio Madzikatire, affectionately known as Mukadota, who fused drama and music in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He became a household name with hits like Katarina, Tiri KwaHunyani and Ndichatenga Yangu among others.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the late Paul Matavire, came in with another style of mixing theatre and song. He dominated the airwaves with songs including Tanga Wandida (Love First), Rinopera and Africa Chipembe among other numerous hits, confirming him as one of Zimbabwes best creative artist.

After Matavire, another kid on the block now late, Marko Sibanda, crossed the musical threshold with a great deal of dynamism with his hits that were fused with comedy and melody. The hits included Jambanja Pahotera, Kuramba Mhosva and Wachinja Kapu Sei? That changed the face of that musical genre.

The musical skill of combining song and comedy has always been interesting and the chronicles of Zimbabwes musical olden times will provide a lovely testimony that the above-mentioned musicians became musical legends on the entertainment scene by exploring this blend during their good years as musicians.

Kapfupi has just released a new album titled Juice Card, which is a harmonious sungura piece laced with the artists hilarious approach.

All I can say is that this is one of my best albums. I spent considerable time fine-tuning the product and I am glad that it is already receiving plenty of airplay on radio, said Kapfupi in an interview with The Zimbabwean Entertainment.

I believe that I have gathered the musical experience. I am now mature musically and my latest album puts me as one of the best artists in the sungura genre.

This is my fourth album and I believe I have given it my best shot. I spent more than two years working on the album, he said.

The video album for Juice Card is also expected to be out in the next few weeks, as we are making the final touches, revealed Kapfupi.

His band, Orchestra Ndozvo, backed Kapfupi and veteran producer Bothwell Nyamhondera produced the album.

The opening song Mai Nga explores marriage woes such as adultery. It is the way in which Kapfupi ably put across his jokes and humour making it easy to deliver the point home.

The title track, Juice Card, also tackles matrimonial problems. He warns couples not to scratch your marriages just like you are scratching your juice card.

Other songs are Shanda, Muzukuru, Vane Mhosva and Chikwama.

I want people to dance, laugh as well as ponder about serious issues in life when they listen to this album, said Kapfupi.

Meanwhile, Kapfupi, confirmed that he would launch part two of his first feature film, What goes around comes around.

To me, acting and music are one. You cannot separate the two. I will continue to do both, he said, adding that the film should be completed this year.

Kapfupi was born 32 years ago and he is married with four children.

He started his career from humble beginnings, doing street theatre productions that became quite popular on local television.

He rose to prominence in 2002 through his antics in theatre productions that were aired on the sole state broadcaster Zimbabwe Television (ZTV).

His first music album, Uchakanga Waya, was released in 2006 followed by Zvekuita Sei Pakuita Sei in 2007 and Chocolate Yemajuru in 2008.

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