Furious Tsvangirai hits back at Herald outright lies

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (pictured) has hit out at the continued publication of malicious and defamatory stories by the state owned Herald newspaper saying some of the articles were outright lies.

On Wednesday the paper claimed European Union targeted sanctions on key members and companies of the Mugabe regime, were set to be renewed following recommendations by Tsvangirai in an address to Western diplomats in Harare on Monday.

The Prime Ministers spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka however told SW Radio Africa that Tsvangirai never made such an address as he was out of the country on Monday and is only expected back Thursday. As a matter of fact, it was actually MDC Secretary-General Tendai Biti and Home Affairs Minister Theresa Makone who addressed diplomats at Harvest house on the violence engulfing the country.

Athough Herald reporter Tendai Mugabe attended the press conference, and could not have missed the fact that Tsvangirai was not there, he still went on to create a fictitious presence of the PM. The icing on the propaganda cake was a fictional quote from Tsvangirai used in the story.

For all his miracles, the immortal Jesus Christ was never at Galilee and Jerusalem at the same time. It is astonishing how The Herald would find it plausible that the mortal Prime Minister can have physical presence at two different places at the same time, Tamborinyoka said.

Another Herald story published on Tuesday blamed Tsvangirai for the violent disturbances in Harare, despite glaring evidence (including pictures) of ZANU PF youths having gone on the rampage. He said there was also a relentless campaign of downright lies, including cooked-up stories about the Prime Ministers love life published consistently in The Herald.

Tamborinyoka also said the Herald continues to deliberately misquote the Prime Minister on the events happening in Egypt as an excuse for abusive and spiteful journalism. The Herald claimed Tsvangirai said violence, as has been witnessed in Tunisia and Egypt, is acceptable in Zimbabwe whereas his exact words were that there is nothing wrong in people demanding human rights.

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