Zims diamond deposits largest in world

According to Mark Van Boschel of the World Diamond Centre, based in
Belgium, Zimbabwe has the largest diamond deposits in the
whole world, which are a billion years old.

From Chiadzwa to Chimanimani there is a 70km belt of kimberlite

diamonds, along the Umkonto Ranch.

In Chiredzi, Nuanetsi area, there is the largest concentration of

kimberlite diamond site, owned by Development Trust of Zimbabwe a

company belonging to the late Zapu Vice President, Dr Joshua Nkomo and

a consortium of politicians. When government bought the largest cattle

ranch in Zimbabwe it said it was doing it on behalf of the people.

In Tsholotsho, there are four diamond sites, inside Kariba Dam, there

are three diamond sites, along the horn of Zimbabwe, near Hwange and

Victoria Falls, there are four diamond sites and in Beatrice area near

the City of Harare there are two diamond sites, according to the

report by Van Boschel, the diamond expert on footprinting or location

of diamond sites, in diamond-producing countries, who are members of

the Kimberley Process.

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