Chief Mangwende in MDC victimisation climb down

Fearing prosecution, Chief Mangwende has distanced himself from the illegal stripping of an MDC official’s traditional leadership and bestowing it on a Zanu (PF) member.

The dramatic turn of events followed a request for the LC form from Chief Mangwende by the Satukwa family, which outlined how the chief reached his decision to transfer the headmanship from suspected MDC supporter Chitorobho Satukwa to Zanu (PF)’s Lovemore Mumbama in June 2008.

“Mangwende gave the leadership and the official headman name tag to Mumbama. The name tag still bears the name of the dethroned Satukwa headman,” said a source close to the chieftainship. Mumbama continued to act as headman, benefiting from government allowances and other goodies.

When the disgruntled Satukwa family asked the chief for the LC form, Mangwende realised the long arm of the law was about to catch up with him. He vehemently denied ever presiding over the case, said the source. The chief has promised to restore the headmanship and asked the Satukwa family to withdraw the case, which is expected to be heard next Sunday, after being postponed from June 18 as the chief was reportedly ill.

Sources privy to the wrangle said after the case has been settled at the chief’s court, the family would approach ZimRights Lawyers to find the way forward regarding compensation by Mumbama.

“The family would definitely seek compensation through the civil courts regarding allowances and other benefits illegally grabbed by Mumbama as he masqueraded as headman. Satukwa brothers were constantly arrested and made to pay police bail for questioning the legitimacy of his headmanship,” said a police source.

In June 2008, many traditional leaders suspected MDC across the country was stripped of their positions by Zanu (PF), as they were accused of being sell-outs.

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