Part 4 of the leaked CIO list

SW Radio Africa continues with Part 4 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document also contains their home addresses, these details have been removed.

At number 247 is Thomas Matutu listed as a Deputy Intelligence Officer at the time. Our information is that he is currently based at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Namibia having previously served at the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya around 1986.

273 is Win Busayi Juyana Mlambo listed as an ‘operative’ at the time. We understand he first joined ZANU PF in 1974 when he was 18 years. In 1999 he was appointed into the ZANU PF Central Committee. Dr Mlambo, as he is now known, is the ‘Minister Counsellor’ at the Zimbabwean Embassy in London. This we are told effectively means he is the Deputy Ambassador.

It would appear that members of the CIO are richly rewarded in terms of business contracts with government and parastatals. Eleanor Mtangi, listed as an ‘operative’ at number 281 on our list, is testament to the patronage system. She and her husband Collin Cephas Mtangi, run Cottel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd from Harare, supplying electrical equipment and consumables to the mining and industrial sectors.

The company profile shows that Cottel supply the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Air Force of Zimbabwe, National Oil Company of Zimbabwe , Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, Zimbabwe National Army, Zimglass, Shabani Mashava Mines and the Department of Irrigation, among others. Having been unable to get Eleanor’s number we contacted her husband, Mr. Mtangi, and asked about her work for the Central Intelligence Organisation. He replied:

“Why are you asking me? Go and ask her. Don’t you know it’s possible for married people to belong to different political parties? You can have one as a Republican and another as a Conservative. I don’t know anything about her background.” Interestingly the couple set up their company in 1992 and according to our list Mrs. Mtangi was still employed by the CIO in 2001.

At number 282 is Loveleen Tafadzwa Mucheuki, listed as an ‘operative.’ Our investigations show that she has various qualifications in Systems Analysis and Computer Programming and is employed as a ‘Systems Administrator’ in the President’s Office. Her job entails maintaining and operating the computer system and/or network in the office.

Despite working for the CIO, an organization that has sanctioned the abduction, torture and murder of opposition members, Mucheuki is a member of a UK registered charity, the International Governance Institute (IGI) “a membership-driven organisation fighting fraud, corruption and the abuse of power.”

According to its website the IGI is “an international network of active citizens, mainly in Africa” who work through “monitoring, education, training and networking, to promote a culture of transparency, honesty and accountability in public service, based on a Christian ethos.”

Number 318 is Beven ‘Shungu’ Murahwa, who in 2001 was an ‘operative’. We understand Shungu, as he is often called by his liberation war nickname, is quite senior in Mugabe’s Close Protection Unit (CPU) and regularly travels with him. An article penned by George

Charamba in April 2011, reflecting on the life of the late CIO boss Mernard Muzariri, confirmed the fact that Murahwa is still a regular traveller with Mugabe.

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