ZUJ to approach politicians over journalists intimidation

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, ZUJ, says will approach political parties and demand an immediate halt by its members from harassing journalists.

“We cannot have journalists being induced with fear in order to operate in a climate of fear caused by media terrorists, ”ZUJ secretary General Forster Dongozi said Wednesday in Harare.

Dongozi made the remarks following the detention of NewsDay Manicaland based journalist, Obey Manayiti.

Munyati was arrested following a public encounter with suspended Zanu PF youth chairman for Manicaland, Tawanda Mukodza.

He was held at Mutare Central Police Station facing criminal insult charges after Mukodza reported that he had been insulted by the journalist, following the publication of stories which had led to his political downfall.

“What is happening in Manicaland are some of the spectacular own goals scored by some politicians resulting in negative publicity for Zimbabwe,”Dongoza said.

The ZUJ Secretary General said the behavior of some politicians was unacceptable as it was designed to terrorize honest and hard working journalists.

Dongozi said the behaviour by politicians contradicts this year’s World Press Freedom Day which is “Safe to Speak:Securing Freedom of Expression in all Media.

The focus will also fall on issues of safety of journalists, combating impunity for crimes against freedom of expression.

The Inclusive government has received a draft resolution drawn up by leaders of African journalists on the need to support a resolution on the safety of African journalists at the African Union level

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