Baba Jukwa beats Mugabe, Mujuru in Zanu (PF) poll

Facebook personality Baba Jukwa, who has more than 120,000, recently outpolled both President Robert Mugabe and his deputy Joice Mujuru as Zanu (PF)’s most popular politician.

Although no-one really knows who Baba Jukwa is, many believe his claims that he is a highly-placed rogue member of Mugabe’s detested spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation. His Facebook page is spiced with incisive and well-informed exposes of confidential Zanu (PF) and security services information. This week The Zimbabwean launches his exclusive column (see page 5).

In a recent poll dubbed “Zanu (PF)’s most popular politician under free and fair conditions” by Nehanda Radio, Baba Jukwa polled 653 out of 1,085 votes - 60 per cent of the poll. He beat nine other Zanu (PF) members, including Mugabe and Mujuru, to head a 10-person popularity log.

Mugabe came a distant second, with 175 votes (16 per cent), while Mujuru got 97 votes – only 9 percent. Indigenisation Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who is one of the so-called young Turks trying to wrestle power from the old guard, anchored the log with just five votes - one per cent of the total poll figure.

When Baba Jukwa first joined Facebook in March, his arrival was seen as a counter-attack on Amai Jukwa, who specialised in insults of MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono. With his well-informed internal knowledge of Zanu (PF) politics and daily activities, he has gained instant fame and relegated his “estranged wife” to a virtual unknown.

Some of the things he has foretold, like the planned murder of former Presidential Guard member, Roleen Gandiwa, came to pass with the murder of the soldier’s identical younger brother, while the arrest of human rights lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa and the harassment of judge, Justice Charles Hungwe have also been seen.

Baba Jukwa recently prophesied that there would be many visits to the National Heroes’ Accre, following assassinations caused by Zanu (PF)’s internal jostling for power, which he said had reached alarming levels. He has also given out private details of senior Zanu (PF) and other public officials, which have proved be true.

Zanu (PF) members admit that most of the things said by the “rogue spy” are true and is said to have offered $600,000 for anyone who will reveal his identity. But Baba Jukwa recently bet them $1 million he would not be caught.

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