Value natural resources by hard work – Guebuza

Mozambican President Armando Guebuza on Thursday urged all Mozambicans to value the country’s natural resources by working hard to exploit them in order to do away with poverty.

Mozambican President Armando Guebuza
Mozambican President Armando Guebuza

Speaking at a rally in Pafuri, on the border between Gaza province and South Africa, Guebuza stressed the need to attract more investment to transform resources into wealth.

The fight against poverty was a task for everyone, from all sectors of activity, he said. For it to be crowned with success, Mozambicans needed to maintain their unity and keep the country at peace.

But they also needed a spirit of hard work and a lot of patience, since it was not possible to have everything at once. “You don’t build a country all at once”, said Guebuza. “You do it bit by bit, and it’s work for everyone”.

He recalled that initially many people did not believe it would be possible to end poverty, but the achievements made show that Mozambicans are making progress, even in areas such as Pafuri, which have suffered from natural disasters.

Guebuza noted that the message presented to him by Pafuri residents showed that, despite the devastating floods in the Limpopo Valley in January, the people of Pafuri have not ceased to produce.

“Looking at the real situation of the country, we can conclude that we now have some things that we used to need, for we have built schools, hospitals and roads, we have cultivated fields and raised cattle”, he said, “This shows that, while we are still poor, we are working to eliminate this evil”.

“We were not born to be poor”, he declared. “We were born to make use of the riches that were left to us by our ancestors”.

In their message to the rally, the Pafuri population praised the government’s efforts to bring development to the northern part of Gaza, citing as an example the tarring of the

Chjicanhanine/Chicualacuala road, which runs for 309 kilometres. This will facilitate the circulation of people and goods, and help attract investment.

The message also praised the District Development Fund (FDD), saying that loans from the Fund have helped create jobs and promote self-employment. They were also pleased that the mobile phone network has now been installed in all Gaza districts.

The residents of Pafuri called on Guebuza to ensure continued expansion of the school network, and the electricity grid, the construction of more health units, and the building of the long planned dam at Mapai, to control the Limpopo.

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