Ban on Scripture Union in schools riles Church

EVANGELICAL Fellowship Church of Zimbabwe (EFZ) president and Faith Ministries Senior Pastor, Shingi Munyeza, says as church they are “confused, angered and alarmed” by government’s directive to ban Scripture Union from schools.

holy-bibleAccording to primary and secondary school ministry officials, the ban on scripture union activities was because it contradicted the spirit of the new curriculum which emphasises on ‘national pride’.

Recently, the Ministry introduced a National Pledge through which school children swear their allegiance to government and Zanu PF.

Munyeza said everyone involved in the scripture union and national pledge discussion should use their wisdom and unity to build the nation together through the education sector.

Munyeza said on the 15th of April they had a “progressive and amicable” meeting with Education Minister Lazarus Dokora on the issue.

“We met under the auspices of Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denomination and I chaired the meeting on behalf of our Chairman, Bishop Mukuwanda.

“In this meeting, it was agreed the Minister, the church and ministry official would continue to discuss the concerns around the national pledge.

“That the church and Ministry come up with an MOU that will formalize the involvement of Scripture Union in public schools. This process is going on well and we hope to finalize this with the ministry soon.”

Munyeza added that the Ministry needs 2056 new schools and the church has committed build as many schools as it can to meet this demand and mitigate the shortage.

“This again will be structured between the Ministry and the church,” he said.

Last week, some parents took the Government, Dokora and some Headmasters to the Constitutional Court to stop the national pledge policy arguing that it violates their children’s rights as it was in fact a prayer

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