Show me your breasts!?

Controversial businessman, Ginimbi, posted a video in which he asks a young girl to show him her breasts. Vimbaishe Musvaburi gives her reaction.


Dear Ginimbi

It’s a Sunday morning and, scrolling through my Instagram timeline then boom a video on the Zimcelebs timeline of yourself asking a girl to show you her boobs and yes she shows you.
I start reading the comments on the video and I begin to cry because I have a 15 year old girl who is 3 years to being legal age. I don’t know this girl at all but she seems extremely young even if she is legal age. You probably don’t know me we have never met and you probably don’t care who I am either. I don’t know the story behind this little girl on why you were asking to see her breasts and why she said yes.

People’s comments are related to how this girl is showing you her breasts because she wants money, I would like to wonder why you were asking to see her breasts, yes her intentions could be money but what are yours?

We live in a very little horrible world and if such actions get us worried about our daughters already ka zvokwadi nyika yava kuguma.

Before you ask to see her breasts…

I would like to remind you of a few things

  1. A woman went through 9 months of pregnancy and hours of painful labor for that girl.
  2. Some woman and man or either somewhere struggled to get her through school I’m sure or rather still if she was orphaned early hama dzakaedza.
  3. Someone struggled through every month to get her pads for her monthly period.
  4. She probably has been heart broken a couple of times and her inside is in pieces.
  5. If she wants your money she is probably educated to some point and Zimbabwe has no jobs to offer.
  6. She has a story to tell that we all do not know.
  7. I can go on and on but primarily my plea is that those girls are our daughters and you don’t hurt them only by showing her breasts to the 250000 followers you have. Breasts are the same on women, by so doing you have exposed all the women on this Earth’s breasts and you have hurt us all. As she cries we cry too, your sister cries too, your mom cries too my mother cries too. Please stop hurting us women! We have only 1 month to be celebrated and it’s this month and in this same month we are hurt like this.

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