Spectre didn’t work, and scarf clearly isn’t working, so why Zimbabwe regime’s obsession on Voodoo governance?

I have always tried my best to keep away from individuals' personal beliefs and faiths - since, as the phrase, "personal belief" clearly connotes, these are a person's private convictions, of which, no one has the right to interfere.

That is why, I have seldom attempted to dissuade anyone from whatever they believe in, nor have I sought to disparage other people’s faiths, either labeling them as fake, wrong, or misplaced – but, rather chose to focus on my own faith, as a devout Christian, and encouraged those of a similar persuasion to faithfully and strictly adhere to the dictates of our shared belief.

That is why I find it incredibly folly, misguided, and foolish when I encounter those embarked in meaningless religious debates and arguments – as I do not see any benefit to that, and neither am I convinced that matters of faith are even debatable because “faith” can be characterized as a “firm belief, especially without logical proof”.

As Christians, we actually say, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

So, if someone “firmly believes” that their “Kambudzi” (feature) phone, for instance, is a god, which they actually worship, pray to, and are convinced blesses them – then, honestly, who am I to ridicule their faith, and what right do I have to even insult and disparage their faith…let alone, engage in some heated debates on whether a phone is truly a god, or imposing my own God as the real one they should be worshipping?

That is why, I do my utmost best not to entangle myself in such matters, like the recently revived topic of concerted efforts, ostensibly by the country’s ruling elite, in pushing for the exhumation of the late ousted Zimbabwe president Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s corpse – allegedly, as a sinister ploy to retrieve a supposedly enchanted Sceptre, which is believed to have been interred with the former tyrant, and is said to provide the holder some overwhelming power to rule for a very long time, whilst also possibly opening the floodgates of economic prosperity for the entire nation.

In normal cases, I would have simply ignored the whole laughable circus – in a similar fashion as I have kept my distance from any such faith-based pointless discussions, debates, and arguments.

However, this particular one is just too close to home, since its broader impact touches on the daily lives of ordinary Zimbabweans – considering that, such shenanigans are being played out by our very own leaders, in their quest to rule over us with impunity, and impose their will over us.

Now, that is something I can never allow to simply and quietly pass me by – and, I have to say something.

When the people who are supposed to lead us, spend their time and energy on the pursuit of some Sceptre, that is meant to bestow upon them more power, then that becomes a cause for concern.

Nonetheless, what makes this matter even more disturbing is why the country’s ruling elite would place so much time, energy, and faith in something that clearly never worked?

If this Sceptre, could provide the holder with some anointing to rule over us till death do us apart, why then, did it not work on Mugabe himself?

Was the guy not toppled from office in a military coup d’etat in November 2017 – ironically, by the very same people who, today, think that he was somehow protected by some magical powers?

Why did the Sceptre not shield and save Mugabe?

In fact, his entire 37 year rule was not as a result of some divine anointing – but, pure savage and barbaric brutality and repression – which, I am sure, anyone cruel and evil enough can accomplish without any need of some magic stick… something, clearly, already being copied by the current leaders, who had, actually, been Mugabe’s henchmen and enforcers of his wicked and sadistic tyranny.

On a similar note, this Sceptre is alleged to possess supernatural powers to improve the country’s economy, thereby turning the fortunes of this ruined nation – yet, Mugabe himself presided over one of the worst economic embarrassments in global history, characterized by an incalculable hyperinflationary environment, reaching over a million percentage points.

Where was the beloved Sceptre then? Was it temporarily out of order?

Surely, if someone is said to have enchanted powers that make them insusceptible to any form of disease and illness, yet they do fall sick – why would I be so eager to get my hands on such powers?

Would that not be the height of foolishness, if not madness?

Yet, I would not put it past this administration – as, even Mugabe himself is understood to have ordered that his body not be entrusted in the hands of this ruling elite, since it would be used for ritualistic purposes.

As such, the fact that we have those who believe that there are Sceptres, or even scarfs, that can enhance their powers, and enable them to effectively govern, is more than troubling – what more, when these have clearly not worked in any way.

A fact proven by how the people of Zimbabwe have been wallowing in abject poverty for over two decades – yet, neither Sceptre, nor scarf, has improved our lot, and has not protected their holders, or wearers.

Would it, then, not have made sense had those in power in Zimbabwe focused, and expended their time and energy, more on formulating effective and efficient economic, political, social policies – which would enable a conducive environment for genuine economic growth, democracy, and cohesion – than on Voodoo governance, that has clearly not been getting us, or them, anywhere?

If these had been personal private beliefs that did not impact on the citizenry’s wellbeing and welfare, I would not have given a hoot – but, this affects us, and we need to take a stand.

© Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer author, and political commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp/Call: +263715667700 / +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263733399640, or email: [email protected]

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