PRESS STATEMENT: On the recent Gold Mafia documentary broadcast by AL JAZEERA

PRESS STATEMENT: On the recent Gold Mafia documentary broadcast by AL JAZEERA

The nation must question the role of the President of the Republic, the Minister of Mines and Energy Development, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, State security agencies, Zimra, and immigration officials in this whole Gold Mafia smuggling debacle. The people of Zimbabwe expect President ED Mnangagwa to say something about this Gold Mafia scandal and ultimately hold those implicated gold criminals accountable no matter the political consequences. It is not right and normal to have numerous corruption scandals that implicate people in government and their associates who are allegedly violating the country’s laws with impunity in the name and authority of the president. It can’t be right and normal, Mr. President that a whole truck load of Lithium discovered at our border post in Beitbridge just disappears into thin air. To date, there has been no arrest and prosecution of the culprit whose identity was made public. The fact that criminals are apprehended and later released doesn’t inspire confidence in our justice system and discourages our hard-working law enforcement agencies to diligently execute their constitutional mandate.

We know that God is the only competent, fair and just judge, but looking at the two characters who are allegedly involved in the Gold Mafia debacle, namely Uebert Angel and Henrietta Rushwaya does not inspire confidence, honesty and trustworthiness at all. Such characters can not continue to be the face of the country in international relations and trade, let alone claim to represent the Office of the President. The decorum of the esteemed Office of the President does not need the help of false prophets and conmen. Therefore, the immediate public disassociation with gold smugglers and false prophets will certainly preserve the integrity of the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Corruption is the biggest threat to the country’s sovereignty, humanity, economic growth, political freedom, and independence. Surprisingly, the President has gone quiet, and he no longer speaks against the evils of corruption and the urgent need to eradicate it from government structures and society in general. Clearly, the momentum generated when he assumed Office has died down and criminals are now surrounding him and are back at work full time determined to continue looting state resources and do more harm to the already fragile economy just like what they did during the First Republic.

The government has a constitutional obligation to fix the country’s international relations in order to facilitate smooth and legal international trade with the community of nations. Whatsoever obstacles and differences that exist between our country and other countries can be resolved provided there exists a political will within the ruling party. This is, indeed, the time to effectively deal with the true enemies of the state and government, which are corruption , nepotism, looting, money laundering, bad governance, and leadership crisis.

Going forward, the UMD calls upon the government, parliament, judiciary, ZACC, and law enforcement agencies to closely interrogate Gold Mafia scandal allegations regardless of the source in order to protect our country’s good name. The credibility of the country is at stake, parliament must demand accountability, and corrective measures must be instituted immediately in order to restore order in gold production and trading. Further, the UMD calls upon the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Fidelity Printers to come out clean on the alleged knowledge and involvement in the Gold Mafia money laundering scam which is in violation of the country laws.







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