Breaking – MDC headquarters under siege

Breaking – MDC headquarters under siege

“7 trucks with over 400 armed riot police details have besieged MDC party HQ to search for weapons of war

Police intend to siege MDC headquarters, plant machetes

We have gathered from impeccable sources within the regime that the police intend to siege Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House today in a desperate bid to plant machetes and justify their unwarranted crackdown on the party’s legitimate activities.

Spousal inheritance fuels spread of AIDS in Zimbabwe

Culture of spousal inheritance, where women are married to relative, in case husband dies is prevalent in Zimbabwe – Anadolu Agency

Fact check: Zimbabwe not under any EU sanctions

Fact check: Zimbabwe not under any EU sanctions

Economic sanctions are measures that are often used by trading partners – be they countries or international finance groups – to pressure particular countries on specific areas of democratic reform and regard.

What has China got to Do With Zimbabwe Again?

What has China got to Do With Zimbabwe Again?

Beijing was always in support of Mugabe and now, they aren’t backing off. What is from Harare with love?



‘There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics,’ Churchill is said to have snorted when some bad news was brought to him. We have...

Wanted: real civil servants

It is generally believed in...

Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association

LONDON - A new scheme has just been launched by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM),...

Freed detainee shares experience

‘It’s so lovely to be free at last’

LONDON - Today I want to share...

Zimbabwe Vigil Diary 15th April 2006

LONDON - Mugabe Must Go Now was the Independence Day message from the UK. The...

Mugabe must stand trial


JOHANNESBURG - The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) is greatly alarmed by recent...

My crime? Being a journalist

By a staff member of VOP radio
On December 15 last year, police raided Voice of the...

State media buries bad news and asks no questions


HARARE – Everything is getting worse, from record high inflation to record low tobacco...

Letters – 19/4/06 contd.

CFU appeasement condemned
EDITOR - In the most recent scraping attitude of the Commercial Farmers Union president,...

Letters – 19/4/06

Your vote is your answer
EDITOR - Thank you very much for allowing us to air...

Govt wants pupils to spy on teachers

A showdown is looming between teachers and the government after a memo was sent...

Ndebele 14/4/06

Independence haisi yeZanu (PF) chete
Uzibuse kayisuye weZanu pf kuphela

Protesters want African leaders to act...

Shona 14/4/06

Independence hayisi yeZanu (PF) chete

Vatungamiri vemuAfrica onai zvekuita - MaZimba oratidzira kuJoni.
HARARE – Zana rinoraudzira...