Government Abandons Covid-19 public medical facilities

Government Abandons Covid-19 public medical facilities

Government has taken a shocking move by abandoning the capital infectious diseases hospital, Wilkins even in the wake of this raging pandemic.

Quissanga attack: Police command seized, residents flee

Quissanga attack: Police command seized, residents flee

Maputo (AIM) – The terrorist raid on the town of Quissanga, in the  northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, on Wednesday morning, cost the lives of six members of the defence and security forces, according to a report in Thursday’s issue of the independent newssheet “Carta de Mocambique”.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Anxiety and fear are reigning supreme in the hearts and minds of all Zimbabweans due to the COVID-19 outbreak that is now deeply rooted in our country. We believe that there is still hope for our nation to flatten this epidemic, and reach negligible peak levels, if we take drastic measures, which we wish to re-iterate today.

Sakunda and the COVID-19 facility of shame

Sakunda and the COVID-19 facility of shame

The news that in the wake of this pandemic that has affected everyone, Sakunda Holdings has created an exclusive COVID-19 facility only for the elite and well-heeled in Mt Pleasant is an indictment on Mr Mnangagwa, Kuda Tagwirei, Obadiah Moyo and the entire government.

Mutasa threatens to unleash CIO on pressman

By a Correspondent
HARARE - Official bullying and intimidation of the battling independent media and general disregard for the rule of law took an ominous turn with...

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The African disease
EDITOR - I respect Lovemore Madhuku very much as man and leader made of...

Letters (i) 8-6-06

1,000 houses in 1,000 days
EDITOR - I have a 'dream', a dream to help provide...

Art and Culture

Estonian theatre comes to Zimbabwe
By Tins Magaba
Estonia is a small country in the Baltic regions that...

Zimbabwean money flows to Botswana

FRANCISTOWN - Dozens of Zimbabwean companies have relocated to neighbouring Botswana, perceived as the region's most...

Adding up the costs of inflation

Spiralling price rises mean textbook arithmetic doesn't work, while schoolteachers make their own calculations about how...

News in Ndebele 1-6-06

Tsvangirai calls for Truth and Justice Commission
UTsvangirai uthi kusungulwe iKomishini ezavumbulula amaqiniso lokujezisa abalomlandu.
Umlobi nguWilf...

News in Shona 1-06-06

VaTsvangirai Vosheedzera Komishini Yekuzoongorora Zvose Zvakaitwa NeZanu (PF)
LONDON - Mutungamiri weMDC, VaMorgan Tsvangirai vasheedzera komishini...

Transport operators hike fares

BULAWAYO - Commuters woke up to a hefty 50% increase in public transport fares this week...

Around Zimbabwe 1-06-06

Police force to double
HARARE - As part of its repressive measures against any possible popular...

Caine Prize 2006 shortlist announced

LONDON - Five writers have been short-listed for this year's Caine Prize for African Writing. The...

Travel and Tourism

Last week I was in Hout Bay, Cape Town to celebrate a friend's birthday. The highlight...

Tsvangirai in London – roadmap to legitimacy

'If you are born a Zimbabwean you have the right to be a citizen of Zimbabwe'