Breaking – MDC headquarters under siege

Breaking – MDC headquarters under siege

“7 trucks with over 400 armed riot police details have besieged MDC party HQ to search for weapons of war

Police intend to siege MDC headquarters, plant machetes

We have gathered from impeccable sources within the regime that the police intend to siege Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House today in a desperate bid to plant machetes and justify their unwarranted crackdown on the party’s legitimate activities.

Spousal inheritance fuels spread of AIDS in Zimbabwe

Culture of spousal inheritance, where women are married to relative, in case husband dies is prevalent in Zimbabwe – Anadolu Agency

Fact check: Zimbabwe not under any EU sanctions

Fact check: Zimbabwe not under any EU sanctions

Economic sanctions are measures that are often used by trading partners – be they countries or international finance groups – to pressure particular countries on specific areas of democratic reform and regard.

What has China got to Do With Zimbabwe Again?

What has China got to Do With Zimbabwe Again?

Beijing was always in support of Mugabe and now, they aren’t backing off. What is from Harare with love?

Mugabe puts army in charge

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has turned Zimbabwe into a de facto military junta - with virtually every aspect of life now under the control of...

The news in Ndebele

WOZA women gather to remember
Omama beWOZA bakhumbula abanye babo

Inkulungwane zabo mama beWOZA bahlangene ngeviki...

Ngozi still stalks ‘clean-up’ victims


BULAWAYO - From a distance you can see a mountain of refuse and tiny...

Ngomakurira – Fire in Bulawayo

Recently I met someone who was on the spot when a fire destroyed the top floor...

Leadership profiles

MDC emerges stronger, better and sharper

"The team of courage and hope"

The regime better be warned....

Thousands attend MDC rallies in Gweru, Masvingo

Thousands of opposition supporters continue to make a bold statement against the Mugabe dictatorship by turning...

MDC denies disruption

HARARE - The MDC has distanced itself from allegations that its members have disrupted meetings...

Our lives in God’s hands – Tsvangirai

HARARE - "The lives of all Zimbabweans are under threat, not just mine," was MDC leader...

Sports shorts 7/4/06

Zifa accounts in shambles
HARARE - The recent hand-over ceremony at Zifa House turned out into a...

Olympics – prep should start now


JOHANNESBURG - As the nation prepares well ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games to...

Dynamos brought down to earth

HARARE - Army side Black Rhinos, played some brilliant football to dismiss Harare giants Dynamos 2-1...

There is no tomorrow


'It is like a wife who is beaten so badly that she will...

Tsvangirai’s life in danger

Letter from America


WASHINGTON - No one in his or her right mind can ever...