CIO Controlled Journalism Run Stark Mad

CIO Controlled Journalism Run Stark Mad

I hardly respond to social media reports, but found it prudent to respond to acidic reports peddled by the so called ‘Harare Post’ insinuating that Ptuz has not paid its workers since November 2019, while its leadership is living a flamboyant life style.

Zimbabwe inflation falls to 2.23% mth/mth in January

Zimbabwe inflation falls to 2.23% mth/mth in January

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe’s inflation rate fell sharply to 2.23% month on month in January, from 16.55% the previous month, driven down by smaller increases in the price of food and non-alcoholic drinks, statistics agency Zimstat said on Sunday.

Factories Grind to a Halt as Zimbabwe’s Economy Implodes

Factories Grind to a Halt as Zimbabwe’s Economy Implodes

Gary Green is no stranger to adversity. The burly Zimbabwean has survived a brain tumor and rebuffed the seizure of his machinery business by people who claimed he was a foreigner and demanded he hand over control.

‘Reduced to slavery’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary:

The Mnangagwa regime has reduced workers to slaves by paying them money that is valueless, says the President of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Peter Mutasa.

Zimbabwe’s Mealie Meal Shortage Hits Women

Zimbabwe’s Mealie Meal Shortage Hits Women

Each night Rutendo Mtandavari, a widow with five children, sleeps outside the gates of the mealie meal trader, Victoria Foods, in the capital Harare, as she waits for days on end to buy mealie meal.

Ngomakurira – The Banquet of Life

The Gospel symbol of the banquet of the Kingdom (Matt 22: 1-14 & Luke 14: 15-24) expresses … the hopes of Africa to share the meal...

Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 22nd April 2006

What a wonderful day: bathed in gentle, warm sunshine, our four maple trees bursting into leaf....


LONDON - Record label Black Mango Music and African Hip Hop sub label Afrolution Records, will...

MISA slams electronic spying bill


HARARE - The Mugabe regime's latest onslaught on personal freedoms, a bill permitting state...

Ask no questions, but tell some lies


HARARE - The state-run media's policy of refusing to link Zimbabwe's agricultural and economic...

Letter from Home – Staggering backward in time

Dear Family and Friends, I don't know why, but after a short stay outside...

Letters 27/04/06

Email safely
EDITOR - With regard to your article "How to email safely" by Ed. Please advise...

Rural Zimbabweans hit by health crisis

ODZI - A huge health crisis is developing in areas where hundreds of thousands...

Editorial comment – When you sup with the devil..

To the gullible, it might appear as if the Zimbabwe' government has come to its sense...

Foreign firms snub ZITF

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe's 47th trade fair opened this week with only a dozen foreign companies exhibiting...

ZITF to host forex conference

BULAWAYO - The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) business conference is set to intervene on foreign...

Wayward policies torpedo Mugabe’s economic recovery plans

HARARE - Zimbabwe's latest drive to revive an economy teetering on the brink of meltdown is bound...

Book review – An extreme warning

Twentytwelve by Andrew Keogh
published by Adonis &Abbey at £12.99
ISBN: 1-905068-12-3

Zimbabweans are all too familiar with...