New security system unlocks doors by recognising your face

New security system unlocks doors by recognising your face

Safeguard Alarms has introduced one of the world’s latest electronic access control systems that makes use of face recognition biometric technology.

SPECIAL FEATURE | Inside Zimbabwe’s lockdown

There is growing desperation and precious little hope of observing physical distancing, says Crecey Kuyedzwa.

Water crisis could sabotage Zimbabwe’s coronavirus lockdown

Water crisis could sabotage Zimbabwe’s coronavirus lockdown

Harare authorities have long struggled to ensure constant water supplies to residents

The “African” vegetable that lifts the weak

I had never really taken any conscious notice of this ubiquitous Southern and Central African vegetable until I came to Cape Town in 1990 and, like...

Stand up and say it

HARARE - The House of Hunger Poetry Slam is an initiative to commemorate the...

Book Review – A parable of hope

Christina Lamb: House of Stone
Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: £14.99
Zimbabwean farmer Nigel Hough knew that one day...

Midsummer African dream

HARARE - Deep in the African bush under a full moon, a naughty monkey called Puckai...

Epworth man creates a wire-sculptured village

Art comes in all kinds and shapes. For an Epworth man, Dexter Nyamainashe, rims...

British actress falls in love with Zim

HARARE - A British actress, vivacious Nathalie Pownall has fallen in love with Zimbabwe. The young...

Youth Zone a great success

Given its sheer brilliance, the unusual thing about HIFA is that few people in...

Wind-up radio winners

Congratulations to the following - our second batch of winners. The third and final list...

News roundup 18/05/06

Cash-strapped commission to charge newspapers
HARARE - Desperate to raise funds, the government-appointed commission running the city...

News briefs 18/05/06

Tsvangirai to visit UK
LONDON - MDC President, Morgan Tsvangirai, will visit the UK at the end...

News in Ndebele 18/05/06

Budiriro 'No' to Zanu (PF)
IBudiriro ngeke ivotele iZanu (PF)
Umlobi weZimbabwean
HARARE - Baqinisile abadala uma...

News in Shona 18/05/06

Budiriro yati zveZANU bodo!
Nemumwe Munyori Wedu
HARARE - Gore ratokwana kubva pakapazwa dzimba dzevanhu uye kuparadzwa kwezvaipa...

One year since Murambatsvina

HARARE - On this day last year, May 18, the people of Hatcliffe watched in shocked...