Zimbabwe latest Covid-19 update 8 August 2020

Zimbabwe latest Covid-19 update 8 August 2020

One hundred and twenty-four (124) cases tested positive for COVID-19 today. These include 118 local cases and 6 returnees from South Africa.

Zimbabwe activists ‘fear the death of hope’ after crackdown

Zimbabwe activists ‘fear the death of hope’ after crackdown

“Dark forces”, “terrorists” and “bad apples” were just some of the words Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has used to describe his critics after last week’s thwarted anti-government protests. Rights groups say close to 100 Zimbabwean activists and opposition

Ramaphosa’s Zim intervention gets off to a shaky start

Ramaphosa’s Zim intervention gets off to a shaky start

Baleka Mbete and Sydney Mufamadi’s visit was overshadowed on the first day by a public spat between the ANC and Zimbabwe’s ruling ZanuPF party over ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule’s reference to the Zimbabwe government’s recent “brutality”.

MDC strengthens rural roots

HARARE - In the lead-up to rural council elections throughout the country, the MDC leadership will this weekend address several rallies in rural constituencies in Matabeleland,...

Forgotten Mana

This week's Forgotten Region takes us north-east of Lake Kariba into the Zambezi Valley to Mana...

SADC swallows Zanu propaganda

HARARE - The Crisis in Zimbabwe Committee, a coalition of Zimbabwean NGOs, has been...

Graffiti plasters official Heroes’ Day route

'From Hero to Zero'
HARARE - Authorities battled to erase giant anti-Mugabe messages emblazoned...

Heroes dying of AIDS – Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has cautioned his lieutenants against irresponsible sexual behaviour revealing...

SA police seize luxury cars from Zanu chefs

JOHANNESBURG - South African police have seized several luxury cars from senior Zimbabwean government officials linked...

Zimbabweans Abroad

Zims in London protest
LONDON - Zimbabweans living in the UK this week protested to force the...

Ndebele 17-08-06

Kuviki ephelileyo inkulungwane zamaZimbabwe zijabule zafa sisizwa ukuthi ziwine ama wind-up radio ku mcintiswano...

Severe bread shortages to come

HARARE - An international organisation that monitors food supply trends has warned that Zimbabwe faces severe...

3 steal from Grace

HARARE - Three people are in remand prison for stealing from Zimbabwe's First Lady, Grace Mugabe....

Shona 17-08-06

Svondo rakapera vanhu vanokwana churu vakapururudza apo vakanzwa kuti ndivo vakahwina mawairesi asingaiswi mabhatiri mumakwikwi eThe...

Shopping basket – Suburban supermarket 17-08-06

11/08/06 - and rising daily REVALUED Z$
Cooking Oil - 750 ml 776.00
Oranges - 1 kg...

Drug usage up as beer price soars

HARARE - Mereki shopping centre, a popular spot for revellers in the working class suburb of...