Zimbabwe latest Covid-19 update 8 August 2020

Zimbabwe latest Covid-19 update 8 August 2020

One hundred and twenty-four (124) cases tested positive for COVID-19 today. These include 118 local cases and 6 returnees from South Africa.

Zimbabwe activists ‘fear the death of hope’ after crackdown

Zimbabwe activists ‘fear the death of hope’ after crackdown

“Dark forces”, “terrorists” and “bad apples” were just some of the words Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has used to describe his critics after last week’s thwarted anti-government protests. Rights groups say close to 100 Zimbabwean activists and opposition

Ramaphosa’s Zim intervention gets off to a shaky start

Ramaphosa’s Zim intervention gets off to a shaky start

Baleka Mbete and Sydney Mufamadi’s visit was overshadowed on the first day by a public spat between the ANC and Zimbabwe’s ruling ZanuPF party over ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule’s reference to the Zimbabwe government’s recent “brutality”.

Unity our only weapon

EDITOR - I still remember well the day workers and students packed Rufaro Stadium in Harare. There was a visible excitement in the stadium. When...

UnitKmusic with Tomas Brickhill

Saturday August 5 was the Zimbabwe Community Association Festival in Kilburn Grange Park in North West...

Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association

LONDON - A new scheme has just been launched by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM),...

MDC warmly welcomed in Alexandra

ALEXANDRA - Residents of the dusty Alexandra squatter camp on the outskirts of Johannesburg,...

State media loved Mugabe’s chair

By a Correspondent
HARARE- Should ZBH want to prove- as if proof were needed- that it is...

Letters 10-08-06 (iii)

Charity begins at home Mr Mbeki
EDITOR- It's a shame that we young Africans have such a...

Letters 10-08-06 (ii)

MDC in Durban
EDITOR - It is with a mixture of joy and sadness that I mail...

Letters 10-08-06 (i)

Point of correction
EDITOR - On a point of correction, my wife Evidence John did not collapse...

Price hikes spook Govt

HARARE - With almost three weeks to go before the so-called "income tax-relief" of...

Benhura designs ZIFF trophies

HARARE - Renowned artist Dominic Benhura will be designing several unique stone sculptures to be given...

Churchmen arrested

HARARE - The government on Friday arrested and detained Methodist Church Bishop Levee Kadenge and two...

Forgotten Kariba

Mention Kariba and words that are most likely to come into peoples' minds would be 'houseboat',...

Currency News 10-08-06

Cash chaos for informal sector
HARARE - Zimbabweans are fast discovering that the burden of having to...