Riot police outside Job Sikhala’s house in Chitungwiza

Riot police outside Job Sikhala’s house in Chitungwiza

Following the police raid on Job Sikhala’s house this morning, MDC youths clashed with police around the Huruyadzo shopping centre in Chitungwiza.

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-govt protest in Mabvuku

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-govt protest in Mabvuku

Anti government protect at Kamunhu shopping centre in Mabvuku. Riot police with water canon patrolling. Running battles between Citizens and police as Citizens are saying enough is enough.

Jean Vanier – mourning a reputation

Jean Vanier – mourning a reputation

Around Easter last year Jean Vanier, the founder of the l’Arche communities for people living with intellectual disabilities, died, aged 90, and I wrote in this column: “Jean defined his vocation as ‘revealing the beauty of people who are wounded’.

Letter for Lydia

Letter for Lydia

Dear Family and Friends,

History of constitutional amendments in Zimbabwe

History of constitutional amendments in Zimbabwe

Tracking the history of Constitutional Amendments in Zimbabwe since the days of Robert Mugabe has confirmed that the process has largely an affair of consolidating power in the hands of the ruling elite.

Mutasa threatens journalists

BY TERERAI KARIMAKWENDA Zimbabwe's the powerful minister of State Security and Land distribution Didymus Mutasa has warned journalists working that the net will soon close in...

MIC threatens Fin Gaz

Tafataona Mahoso, the head of the Media and Information Commission (MIC), recently threatened the weekly Financial...

Onslaught against free media continues

HARARE - The authorities' determination to extinguish alternative viewpoints was again illustrated by their continuing onslaught...

Who are the voiceless?

EDITOR - The difficulties within the MDC have led to virtually most political activities concerned with...

Displeasure at Homelink

EDITOR - I would like to add to my total displeasure of the way the Homelink...

Willing database

EDITOR - Dr Chireka's article in last week's issue was most timely. I had just advised...

No mercy from govt thieves

EDITOR - I want to thank you for telling people about this stupid Homelink thing. The...

Club vs country conflict

EDITOR - The African Cup Of Nations (AFCON)is undoubtedly the continent's premier soccer showcase. However, the...

Largest theft imaginable

EDITOR - Mugabe and Zanu set about stealing the farms and destroying the lives of the...

Security forces need a voice

EDITOR - The formation of the Command should be used as a platform for the...

Mugabe owes me

EDITOR - In view of all that has happened in my country Zimbabwe - in recent...

World watches helplessly

EDITOR - The political situation in Zimbabwe continues to be gloomy each day and the violence...

Bankers now endangered

EDITOR - James Mapapu has recently quoted Professor Gono. "We call upon the Government to declare...



16 African Federations took part in the African youth Chess championships in Namibia

Zimbabwe banned from hosting games because of poor stadiums

Mushore Wins 2020 Harare ZCF Rapid Chess Tourney