Riot police outside Job Sikhala’s house in Chitungwiza

Riot police outside Job Sikhala’s house in Chitungwiza

Following the police raid on Job Sikhala’s house this morning, MDC youths clashed with police around the Huruyadzo shopping centre in Chitungwiza.

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-govt protest in Mabvuku

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-govt protest in Mabvuku

Anti government protect at Kamunhu shopping centre in Mabvuku. Riot police with water canon patrolling. Running battles between Citizens and police as Citizens are saying enough is enough.

Jean Vanier – mourning a reputation

Jean Vanier – mourning a reputation

Around Easter last year Jean Vanier, the founder of the l’Arche communities for people living with intellectual disabilities, died, aged 90, and I wrote in this column: “Jean defined his vocation as ‘revealing the beauty of people who are wounded’.

Letter for Lydia

Letter for Lydia

Dear Family and Friends,

History of constitutional amendments in Zimbabwe

History of constitutional amendments in Zimbabwe

Tracking the history of Constitutional Amendments in Zimbabwe since the days of Robert Mugabe has confirmed that the process has largely an affair of consolidating power in the hands of the ruling elite.

Child abuse worsens

JOHANNESBURG - The worsening humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is making children more vulnerable to abuse, according to child rights NGOs. "For instance, because of the hike...


We are pleased to introduce our new column Healthwatch with Dr Brighton Chireka.

Please send your...

Plight of Zims in SA worsens

paul_verreynJOHANNESBURG - Amnesty International, a worldwide human...

Zimbabweans in mass jail-break rearrested

GABORONE - Seven of the 10 Zimbabwean prisoners who last week escaped from a prison in...

Bring Mugabe to The Hague

BY TINO ZHAKATA HARAREhague_court -...

Hunger – the main problem

BY A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT About 15 years ago I drove around a corner on our farm...

Birthday celebrations obscene

Elsewhere in this issue we carry a story about Zimbabweans being forced to fork out millions...

Too good to be true

We knew it was too good to be true. Recently, we were rejoicing that a body...

Gold production drops

HARARE - Official gold production in Zimbabwe last year slumped nearly 40 percent says the Chamber...

Takeover of fertilizer firms to quicken flight of investors

HARARE - The Zimbabwe government could have hammered the final nail into the investment coffin by...

No radical shift expected

HARARE - Bullish conditions persisted last week and this saw six counters reporting gains above 100%...

Time ripe for exhausted nationalism?

As the IMF visits Zimbabwe this week, PATRICK BOND, examines the diplomatic brokering behind the SA...

Stig Hove wins case against ZESA

HARARE - Mufare Stig Hove has won his lengthy legal battle against Zesa, which fired him...



16 African Federations took part in the African youth Chess championships in Namibia

Zimbabwe banned from hosting games because of poor stadiums

Mushore Wins 2020 Harare ZCF Rapid Chess Tourney