Interests and Values

Interests and Values

Watching the changing of the guard in the USA from the Trump Administration to the Biden era has been fascinating.

Botswana Youth policy paying off

Botswana Youth policy paying off

Botswana chess federation has produced some milestones in the chess fraternity as they managed to unearth some very youthful powerful chess professes in the mold of Besa Masaiti and Natalie Katlo Banda who produced some sterling performances, in the recently inaugural online rapid chess individual championships held sometime last month produced some mouthwatering performances from the Botswana duo in the under 20 Open girls’ category.

Damning indictment of Mnangagwa – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Damning indictment of Mnangagwa – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

One of Zimbabwe’s most venerated musicians, Thomas Mapfumo, has appealed to the international community to act immediately to stop what he called an ‘ever-rising crisis’ in Zimbabwe.

Displacement of indigenous people from their ancestoral land proves Zimbabwe regime a continuation of colonialism

Displacement of indigenous people from their ancestoral land proves Zimbabwe regime a continuation of colonialism

It has never been in doubt to most of us that, the 1980 government, that came into power in Zimbabwe, was nothing more than a British project, which had been created to hijack the genuine and gallant people’s revolution, in order to establish a system that would continue colonial interests in the country (once known as Rhodesia), and protect the erstwhile masters’ interests – since, the real liberation struggle Sons and Daughters of the Soil were regarded as a potential threat to this order.

US $3bn needed to rehabilitate Masvingo roads in Zimbabwe

An estimated US $3bn is needed to rehabilitate key roads across Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe after they were extensively damaged by heavy rains being experienced in the country. According to Provincial roads Engineer Robert Mukome preliminary calculations indicate that the province will need the amount to improve trafficability in the short term and also upgrade the roads; and construction works are billed to start once resources are availed.

Time ripe for exhausted nationalism?

As the IMF visits Zimbabwe this week, PATRICK BOND, examines the diplomatic brokering behind the SA loan to Mugabe and how this could affect the next...

Stig Hove wins case against ZESA

HARARE - Mufare Stig Hove has won his lengthy legal battle against Zesa, which fired him...

Dunlop take-over?

HARARE - Dunlop Zimbabwe, the troubled tyre-manufacturing firm, is set to be taken over by an...

New Year property review

BY MARTIN REDFERN Holland & Redfern are Chartered Surveyors with offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare, and...

SA business tycoon Anton Rupert dies

(Anton Edward Rupert (b. October 4, 1916 d. January 18, 2006) One of South Africa's best known...

Books: Re-Living the Second Chimurenga

Re-Living the Second Chimurenga: Memories from Zimbabwe's Liberation Struggle, By Fay Chung, published by The Nordic...

Fay Chung Biography

Fay Chung grew up in a Chinese family in then Rhodesia in the 1950s and 1960s....

Stone sculpture comes to Chelsea Flower Show

Guruve Gallery will exhibit a selection of Zimbabwean stone sculpture at the Chelsea Flower Show in...

Tribalism is back

BY WILF MBANGA LONDON - As the consequences of Zanu (PF)'s misrule become increasingly apparent, even to...

MDC asks for views


The MDC UK policy review and ideology committee is holding consultations with members following...

Biggest mansion in Africa

HARARE - Property-owners neighbouring President Robert Mugabe's -6 million luxury retirement mansion in Borrowdale Brook have...

Police action condemned

handcuffsHARARE - Board members of the close...

‘Mugabe, Zanu-PF, your days are numbered’

BY MARTINE STEMERICK Roy Bennett, the newly elected provincial leader for Manicaland, rejects the MDC power struggles...



Botswana Youth policy paying off

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Zimbabwean Cricket Team arrives in UAE and starts practice