Last Week for Creatives to get Submissions in for Climate Story Lab ZA

Last Week for Creatives to get Submissions in for Climate Story Lab ZA

The Climate Story Lab ZA, a much-needed incubator of impact strategies for imaginative projects by Southern African creatives, aimed at amplifying communication about the global climate crisis, closes for submissions on 7 October.

Learning in a pandemic: real-time research on COVID-19 in rural Zimbabwe

Learning in a pandemic: real-time research on COVID-19 in rural Zimbabwe

In March 2020, when COVID-19 first arrived in Zimbabwe, we decided to switch our research focus to study the unfolding implications of the pandemic in our rural sites across the country.

Bullet-ridden feet – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Bullet-ridden feet – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

The Zimbabwean government has at least one undisputed ability: to shoot itself in the foot. In fact they now appear to have a desperate shortage of unpunctured feet.

Romance and violence

Romance and violence

People can be very patient. They sit by the road and wait for a bus for hours. Or they can be very impatient, dodging across traffic lanes, overtaking on the left as well as the right. Some of us are good at waiting. Others, with the prophet, say, ‘we cry for help and you do not listen.’

Wanted – immigrant stories-(08-02-07

LONDON - Penguin Books and decibel, Arts Council England have joined forces for the second time to give new writers the opportunity to showcase their work....

Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association-(08-02-07

LONDON - An Independent Asylum Commission will be holding public hearings across the UK until November...

Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 3rd February 2007

LONDON - It was great to have Jeff back with us. He was released after...

SA prisons defy high court order-(08-02-07

JOHANNESBURG - The Department of Correctional Service officials at the Boksburg Correctional Facility have defied a...

ZEF to fight for justice for women-(08-02-07

JOHANNESBURG - The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum plans to petition the African Commission on Human and Peoples...

Letters 08-02-2007

We need African solution
EDITOR - "I am comforted that this Assembly has a clear knowledge of...

Letter from America-(08-02-07)

Gono - a recent convert to common sense?
Like a recent convert to common sense,...

Letter from Home-(08-02-07)

Dear Family and Friends,
It took two hours this week for the Governor of the...

Karimanzira vows war on corruption

HARARE - The governor of the Harare Metropolitan Province, David Karimanzira, has for the first time...

Young Zims take to the stage-(08-02-07)

The young stars Kajans performing "I know"
MANCHESTER - A group comprising...


ELEVEN WOZA members, eight women, three men and two
babies, were arrested in Nketa, Bulawayo today. They

TV and Radio Licences (07-02-07)


Gumbo replaces Made, Mumbengegwi takes over from Murerwa, Ndlovu heads


HARARE - PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday...