Skyrocketing Fuel Prices Drain Taxi Industry

Skyrocketing Fuel Prices Drain Taxi Industry

The pandemic slashed drivers’ revenues. The Russia-Ukraine war adds to their financial woes. And the U.S. dollar isn’t helping this time.

Mnangagwa finally proves ‘sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe’ a big fat lie!

Mnangagwa finally proves ‘sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe’ a big fat lie!

I have always asserted to my friends that, as much as state media is an insufferable drag to read or watch – due to the pathetic and disgraceful substandard work – but, most of the Zimbabwe regime’s lies are actually exposed by the government itself, rather than the opposition.

Epworth residents acquitted after by-elections campaign arrest

Epworth residents acquitted after by-elections campaign arrest

HARARE Magistrate Ruth Moyo on Thursday 22 September 2022 acquitted
three residents of Epworth, who had been on trial answering to public
violence charges after they were arrested during the run-up to the 26
March 2022 by-elections.

Zimbabwe’s Sanctions Smokescreen

Zimbabwe’s Sanctions Smokescreen

Last week, the United States updated targeted U.S. sanctions against Zimbabwean individuals and entities responsible for committing grave human rights abuses, undermining democracy, or contributing to corruption on a massive scale.

Zanu is a mono-culture (23-11-06)

EDITOR - Reverend Nqobizitha Khumalo, writing in a weekly newspaper recently said;
"As I write, I am watching television and Vice-President Mujuru is on television urging the...


Parents encourage their children to leave
Dear Family and Friends,
Visiting an elderly couple this week...

Letters 23-11-2006

Fix it yourselves
EDITOR - You say the International community is ignoring Zimbabwe...Let me say this: I...

Editorial 46 (23-11-06)

Dirty tricks dept at it again
The Zanu (PF) dirty tricks department has been at it again....

A leader knows (23-11-06)


Zim’s Wiina shines at RSC

BY KJW ...

Book review

BY CHIKWAPURO Title: Hoardings of the heart Author: Kim McClenaghan Published: The Book Guild Ltd. ...

Busi and Dudu thrill Harare audiences 23/11/06

Grain stocks dangerously low

HARARE - Zimbabwe's grain shortages are approaching critical levels despite government attempts to import from neighbouring...

Africa is losing the AIDS war (23-11-06)

"We don't cry at funerals any more - we have no more tears"

Viomak’s latest album Happy 83rd Birthday President Mugabe(23-11-06)

Protest music, drama goes underground
HARARE - Canadian-based protest musician Viomak, who is...

Shona 23-11-2006

Hurumende yeMDC ichatevera mari dzakabiwa
NaGift Phiri
HARARE - Bato rinopikisa reMovement for Democratic Change (MDC)...

Ndebele 23-11-2006

Uhulumende we MDC uzathungatha umnotho owatshonthwayo.
EHARARE - Ibandla le MDC...



Dominican Convent, Hellenic and St. Georges win inaugural Lomagundi Chess festival