Why we should we play at online casinos

Why we should we play at online casinos

If you were to look ten years ago, you’d probably be able to see the difficulties it took to find time in your hectic schedule to go to a casino to play. The times have changed, and you can experience the same thrill and excitement of casinos on your computer at home. Online betting on casinos has emerged as a huge boom, removing the difficulties and making it more straightforward for players to find their favorite casino games.

Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming (aquaculture) and hydroponics, a farming method where plants are grown without soil.

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Dear Family and Friends,

ZEC readies for delimitation

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) yesterday held an engagement meeting with stakeholders about the delimitation set to start as soon as the results of last month’s population census start flowing in.

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

I always find statements by Zimbabwe’s ruling establishment, urging us to be united, quite mind-boggling – since, as far as I can tell, Zimbabweans are some of the most united people on a continent riddled with conflicts induced by divisions and hatred, usually fueled by tribal, religious, and political differences.

State media buries bad news and asks no questions


HARARE – Everything is getting worse, from record high inflation to record low tobacco production, but as far as the state-run media is concerned,...

Zimbabwe media to fight internet law

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s privately-owned media last week agreed to challenge in court a proposed new law...

Letters – 19/4/06 contd.

CFU appeasement condemned
EDITOR - In the most recent scraping attitude of the Commercial Farmers Union president,...

Letters – 19/4/06

Your vote is your answer
EDITOR - Thank you very much for allowing us to air...

Govt wants pupils to spy on teachers

A showdown is looming between teachers and the government after a memo was sent...

Ndebele 14/4/06

Independence haisi yeZanu (PF) chete
Uzibuse kayisuye weZanu pf kuphela

Protesters want African leaders to act...

Shona 14/4/06

Independence hayisi yeZanu (PF) chete

Vatungamiri vemuAfrica onai zvekuita - MaZimba oratidzira kuJoni.
HARARE – Zana rinoraudzira...

News Shorts 14/4/06

ZIMTA on teachers' abject poverty
VICTORIA FALLS - The 60,000-member Zimbabwe Teachers' Association (ZIMTA) held its annual...

News Briefs 14/4/06

Z$152 billion for more propaganda
HARARE - The Mugabe regime plans to spend Z$152 billion to...

“Command Agriculture” soldiers rampant in Matabeleland


Soldiers put in charge of villagers in Matabeleland have seized harvests of maize...

Ready for change


HARARE - While MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai, rides on a wave of optimism and...

Protestors will be shot – Mutasa

HARARE - Zimbabwe State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa on Tuesday ratcheted up pressure against the opposition...

Information is power

Calling all Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe

A massive international market research exercise is launched this...