Completion rate for primary education in Zim declines

Completion rate for primary education in Zim declines

The completion rate for primary education in Zimbabwe has declined from 98.5 percent to 89 percent while the number of Out-of-School children for secondary education worsened to nearly one child out of three, according to a comparative analysis of the 2014 and 2019 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) results.

Covid-19 will continue to claim lives: WHO

Covid-19 will continue to claim lives: WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said Covid-19 is likely to continue with surprises and claim more lives warning against underestimating the disease, which was first detected in late 2019.

Zimbabwe Has A Deficit Of About 3 000 Schools – Education Ministry

Zimbabwe Has A Deficit Of About 3 000 Schools – Education Ministry

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MOPSE) has said the country has a deficit of about 3 000 schools, according to NewsDay.

Govt gives white farmers ultimatum

JOHANNESBURG - White farmers in South Africa have been given an ultimatum by National Land Claims Commissioner Tozi Gwanya - "accept government offers to buy your...

Mutasa threatens Independent

HARARE - Didymus Mutasa, the Minister of State Security has threatened to sue the privately-owned Zimbabwe...

Vacancies at CAJ News

Africa's fasted growing news agency, the Centre for African Journalists (CAJ News) has four vacancies for...

Slashing zeroes proves failure

By a Correspondent
HARARE - Seeking as ever to divert attention from the country's worsening economic...

Jamming continues

LONDON - The Zimbabwean government might be winning the "odd battle" in their attempts to...

Letters 17-08-06

Gono successfully derails mass action
EDITOR - The simple truth is that Mugabe is substantially if not...

Will they have the guts?

Elsewhere in this newspaper we carry a story about Mugabe throwing his toys because of a...

An upside-down economy

Harare - Nearly 90 percent of Zimbabwe's currency is kept outside of the banking system, which,...

Siyaya rocks Edinburgh

EDINBURGH - Siyaya's energetic musical extravaganza tHAtHA and its brand new musical, Onke Ose, premiering at...

Awards triumph for Bulawayo writers

Bulawayo Publishers 'amaBooks won three first prizes and one third prize at the Zimbabwe Book Publishers...

The Book of Not

The Book of Not
By Tsitsi Dangarembga
Ayebia Clarke Publishing Ltd.
August 2006
Available from
Dangarembga makes a welcome...

Mugabe slates diaspora breadwinners

HARARE - In a speech full of hardline rhetoric and aggressive anti-Western sentiments, President Mugabe used...

Mugabe buys cars to keep middle ranks happy

HARARE - The Zimbabwean government has splashed US$4 million buying 320 luxury vehicles for middle-ranking police...