The Zimbabwean offers a variety of advertising opportunities, such as banners on the website and posting to our Facebook page that has more than 40,000 followers.

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This paid post package includes…

  • Permanent presence on the website
  • 1 dofollow link to your offer page
  • Up to 2 additional dofollow links to authority websites not connected to the promoted business
  • Up to 8,000 characters of text (approximately 1,000 words)
  • 1 featured image is required, and is to be provided by you. The image must be royalty-free, or you must have permission to use it.


BONUS: If your post is genuinely relevant to our website’s audiences, we may choose to also share it to our very popular Facebook page.

Please note that all advertising is subject to our advertising policy (see below).


Advertising Policy

We are committed to maintain a high standard in the standard of advertising on the site and the advertising of products or services in the following categories are unconditionally banned.

  • Pornographic or obscene material
  • Weapons or high violence content
  • Drug usage, sale or promotion
  • Illegal products or services (under UK law)
  • ‘Pyramid’ or ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes of any kind
  • ‘Occult’ related material

The following products and services can only be advertised if proof of valid licensing is in place, please make sure to include all necessary documentation in your request or it will be rejected:

  • Gambling
  • Pharmaceutical/medical
    Please Note: The sale or promotion of sexually related treatments is totally prohibited, these include but are  not limited to all ED medications.

We also reserve the right to reject or remove advertising that:

  • Conflicts with the morals and ethics of our company
  • Denegrades the good name of our company, clients  and partners
  • Competes with our company or clients or partners.
  • Advertises products or services on the banned list on  their own web site

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