Down, but not out

They are assured of medical care, employment, vehicles, fuel, shelter, clothing, food and education for their children. Surely they now have time and energy to think about the millions of others who have none of these things? Zimbabwe needs leaders. We have been ruled for too long. I wonder if it

is too much to hope that these noble senators might turn their attention to leading us? Zimbabwe may be a failed state, she may be a basket case instead of a breadbasket, she may be down  but she is not out!

We just need good leaders to make the right decisions, to take care of our wonderful nation, and we can rise up and run again. We are a resourceful people. Most of us are well-educated  compared to many other nations around the world. We have a fantastic country  endowed with all Gods greatest gifts: natural beauty, rivers and mountains, minerals, precious metals, good soils, a wonderful climate, a relatively good infrastructure. But above all  people.

We need leaders who will stop this childish insulting of the western world  and re-engage with the international community, the World Bank, the IMF, the governments of the West. Mugabe has had his fun  turning East, cocking a snook at the West. And what has it gotten us? – nothing more than a few Chinese restaurants, tons of shoddy zhing-zhong products (which we have had to pay for) and warehouses full of weapons, ammunition, poor quality military hardware and dubious electronic jamming and surveillance equipment.

We need real investment. We need jobs. We need trade. We need statesmen who will engage the opposition and actively seek a positive solution to our problems.

Surely even our honourable new Senators can see that something is rotten in the state of Zimbabwe. The combined brain-power of all those in Zanu (PF) has not been sufficient to solve the problems. Indeed it has created most of them. Surely it is time to involve others now? Why do they insist ongoing it alone and shutting everyone else out?

There is a wise old Shona proverb: Zano ndoga akapisa gumbeze (Lit: the one who thinks alone ends up burning the blanket).

There are many patriotic Zimbabweans, both in and outside the country, who would love to play their part in getting the country we all love back onto the rails again. We are willing to do our national service all over again. We are willing to give up our jobs and homes in the diaspora. We want to come home again. Just give us a chance.

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