Magaisa – Names for a new currency

Dear Magaisa, May I suggest the name 'Zimlion' for our new currency? This is a combination of the words "Zimbabwe" and "Zillion", for with whatever new money Gidi will come up, the zeroes will be added, in their numbers, in no time. I still remember from just a few years ago, how the teller at my

bank asked me and my friend if we wanted an armed escort to my car after we had collected the princely sum of Z$10,000.00.

Kind regards, and keep up the spirit!

Mrs. C. Te Velde, Bulawayo

How many zeroes????

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance has presented the budget, and again it is full of zeroes. Trillions – trillions – trillions. And he just seems to throw them around like if he can conjure them up, like if they grow on the proverbial trees.

Now a trillion is a 1 with 9 zeroes, but how much is that really? Any idea?

To illustrate this, I’d like you to imagine that I would give you a Z$1000 note every minute of the day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I would not stop for anything, just continue doling out those pale blue notes at a rate of one per minute.

Can you guess in which year (approximately) I should have started doing this, in order to give you your trillionth dollar today?

I give it to you as a multiple-choice question to make it a bit easier.

a. The year 2000 (5 years altogether)
b. The year 1955 (50 years)
c. The year 1905 (100 years)
d. The year 1805 (200 years)
d. The year 1505 (500 years)
e. The year 1005 (1000 years)
f. The year 505 (1500 years)
g. The year 5 (2000 years)

Which one would you pick if you were given 10 seconds thinking time?

Answer next week! (Thanks to from my friend Zero Tolerance in Bulawayo.)

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