Stop this negative talk

Then the comments of how many people are leaving! Yes, and more to the point, you said that such talk does not affect you in the slightest but we should all remember that it does affect others and very profoundly. Firstly, it is simply negative news and bad news and most of it is exaggerated. And

secondly, if it comes from someone in leadership it can be most destructive. We all perform the role of leader in one way or another. It starts with children and from there, upwards and outwards and there are many in our field of influence that we might not even be aware of who look to us for guidance comfort reassurance and………. hope!!!

We tell must spread the good news – it is most uplifting, particularly in this present environment of this man-made chaos of Zim today.

In the Battle of Britain, as with Schindler and leaders in the Warsaw Ghetto, positive thoughts were promoted. The same with Shackleton in the Antarctic; over 400 days adrift in pack ice. The positive mindset won through on the day because of the strength that such shared thought and comment imparts to others – no matter what the predicament, no matter how dire the circumstances. All those leaders knew one rule….only positively minded people will win and survive!

In history, it has been positive people who have discovered, explored, invented, conquered, solved problems and conflicts and generally have made things happen!!

With this frame of mind and by instilling it in others, the impossible can be achieved. We get stronger when we should be weaker, we become more courageous when we should be more scared, we become more adventurous, we are more proactive.

Negativity becomes a cancer, a disease that is infectious. It relentlessly grinds us down and tears out our hearts and withers our spirit. Most of all, it plays directly into the hands of those who wish to destroy us and the very things for which we stand. It is a symptom of relentless pressure, of psychological attrition and we end up shooting ourselves in the foot. We must fight this battle on all fronts and must not allow this evil regime to recruit us unwittingly into their ranks.


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