Another farmer evicted

CHEGUTU - The commercial farmer and his workers on Wantage Farm in the Chegutu area have been ordered to vacate the 84-hectare property by Shoko Mudavanhu, who wants their home, according to a statement from the Commercial Farmers' Union, (CFU). "Mudavanhu's interest in not in the land, on which tom

atoes, flowers, cabbage and paprika are grown with financing from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, but in the main farm homestead. He has repeatedly threatened the farmer and workers with violence and disrupted farming operations with the help of a band of youths,” says the statement. “The paprika on this farm is grown for export, and turnover is around 1 million Euros in total. At a time when the Governor of the Reserve Bank is calling for an increase in exports, individuals trying to play their part in the recovery of the Zimbabwean economy are being prevented from doing so.” The farmer, Dirk Visagie, bought the property as a foreign investor in 2001, after obtaining a letter of no interest dated 12 May 2001, and a substantial portion of the farm has already been acquired. “We urgently appeal to the authorities to bring stability and predictability back to the agricultural sector, so that all farmers can play their role in developing food security and contributing to the recovery of our economy,” added the statement. – Own correspondent

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