New release highlights plight of Zims in SA

BY MAGUGU NYATHI JOHANNESBURG - After a decade of failing to record their music the Abangqobi Bomhlaba group has finally done so in a foreign land. The new album, entitled Limpopo Crossing, is expected to send waves across the music industry with sizzling songs such as Ubaqedile Obaba, Guqula, Ni

mgcinele Abantwabakwe, Lindela and Sikhethele Baba.

The group called the album Limpopo Crossing after realizing that the Limpopo River was the route used by most Zimbabweans to escape the meltdown of their homeland.

Speaking to The Zimbabwean, Mandla (28), the organising secretary and composer, said the album was recorded late last year, and has 15 scintillating songs.

“We were still in Zimbabwe when this group was formed; though we have composed brilliant songs we were sent from pillar to post in our country due to the hidden laws that do not accept protest music. This is why we have just released now.

“However this did not deter our ambition to spread the gospel of Ubuntu to our government, hence we have at last managed to come out with this piece of music,” he said

The group, which is now based in Johannesburg, is determined to release another album soon. Their music talks about the prevailing economic hardships and misrule in Zimbabwe.

“Our songs are dedicated to all Zimbabweans both at home and abroad. We strongly believe that freedom and prosperity lie in our hands. Our objective is to unite Zimbabweans from all walks of life who wish to support the struggle to renew Zimbabwe. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” said Israel Dube, the administrator of the group.

The song Guqula talks about the change Zimbabweans need to make for the betterment of their country. It says unless there is change in how we conduct ourselves in the political arena, there is no way they will be democracy in Zimbabwe.

Lindela speaks about the hardships faced by those who chose to run away from the Mugabe regime. It says that we are running away from one black brother to another, but he awaits us with knobkerries taking us to Lindela concentration centre. Thabo Mbeki really has no mercy to Zimbabweans.

Nimgcinele Abantwabakhe talks about how to treat Zimbabwean leaders if they are ever arrested. It says if Tsvangirai is arrested make sure you take care of his kids because he will serve his sentence and come back but if Mugabe is arrested let him die there because he would come back haunt you with Gukurahundi which saw more than 30 000 civilians being massacred in Matebeleland and Midlands in 1983. The CD is available in Johannesburg central and surrounding area’s music outlets.

The group is optimistic that the songs will bring different cultures together as they are all suffering and fighting for the same cause – that is the return of the rule of law in their homeland. The group has paid tribute to their director, Elija Mbambo, for being a true leader and an inspiration to all the members.

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