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BY MAGAISA IBENZI WARD 12, PARIRENYATWA HOSPITAL, HARARE - Maiwee this place was buzzing last week with the news of President Mugabe's heart attack/kidney failure/ stoke/cancer etc. Every Tom, Dick and Tendai had the story hot from the horse's mouth from his doctor's, sister's, cousin's, friend

s’ daughter who knows somebody who is related to somebody who used to work at the Garden City Clinic in Jozi.

Imagine our shock and dismay when we found out that he and Amai Boy had just been visiting somebody there. I hear Zimbabweans in Jozi went absolutely penga when that found out that the destroyer of Zimbabwe was so nearby. They mobbed the clinic with letters of protest and placards proclaiming “Mugabe to go to Parirenyatwa” and “Garden City, why accept blood money?” The police had to be called to keep the peace – but no heads were broken. It would have been a very different story if it had happened here.

Those boys down there are brave, my word. I take my hat off to them. I believe Rodgers Mudarikwa, spokesperson of the Zimbabwe Action Support Group, shouted to Mugabe kuti “Your methods of rule have ruined our country to the extent that all sectors of the economy, to include health, have totally collapsed. Yet now you are coming to South Africa for your treatments.”

The statement delivered to the clinic for on-passing to Mugabe, said: “You are coming for treatment and drugs because this is not available in that private property of your Zimbabwe. Do you ever think about the ordinary Zimbabwean – how could he or she get the same help that you are getting when they fall sick? They will be lucky if their monthly wage can buy them aspirin, if ever this is available.”

Mudarikwa even rejected the clinic’s statement that Mugabe had been visiting a relative. “It is difficult to know what the truth is. Here we have a situation where a Head of State is said to be paying an ordinary visit to his friend in South Africa but staying at a hospital. We have enough reason to believe that the real truth is not being told. When someone of Mugabe’s age visits South Africa and ends up staying in hospital we have very good reason to believe that he is not well, and needs medical treatment. The second issue is that as Mugabe visits South Africa he is using tax payers’ money; the same tax payers who lack access to health care in Zimbabwe, a country presently ravaged by TB, Malaria and HIV Aids.” Good for you Mudarikwa. You tell them guys. Good for maDiaspora. Continue making noise out there. We are silenced in here – be our voice.

Another somebody who has been making noise is my young friend Kempton Moyo Jr. He has a bone to pick with that well-known scribe Caesar Zvayi. Moyo accuses him of beating up a lady called Thelma Chikwanha who had exposed the limitations of his intellect in an academic debate.

“You were like that even at Bindura University when we were classmates. You always made sure that your huge frame picks up from where your ostrich minds stops. In fact, I knew you before you grabbed journalism on your way to the poor house. Even before you plagiarized those articles from Zimdaily word to full stop and published them in the Herald,” says Moyo boldly. He calls Caesar a ‘spineless propaganda appendage of the regime’ – what a fitting title!

Moyo particularly takes issue with Caesar’s piece in The Herald of Tuesday 17 January 2005 – ‘Pseudo human rights activism exposed’.

He accuses him of revealing in this piece that he is ‘a Zanu (PF) propaganda poodle’.

Just listen to this: “Do you understand the three words land, programme and reform? Be warned Caesar because you cannot go on a random defamation of people and law firms because you feed from the hand of the regime and think you can get away with it . You will be sued to the last cent. Do you want all the law firms in Zimbabwe to be political appendages of Robert Mugabe? Your highly tendentious article that showed bold traces of high school analysis with its fragmented and incoherent facts is reflective of the rank and file of the Zanu (PF) pf propaganda morons.” Ha, ha, ha. I like it.

He even advised Caesar to leave journalism and go to his farm and grow sweet potatoes. “You and the rest of your colleagues in Zanu (PF) want us to believe that Kaguvi and Nehanda were Zanu (PF). They were not and they will never be.”

Let’s have more freedom of speech like this. I like it.

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