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– from sales to management/leasing.

With this in mind we intend to use this column as an open forum to answer, where possible, queries raised on all aspects regarding property both immoveable and moveable.

You are therefore invited to direct your queries and requests for advice to the Zimbabwean or direct to Mike Lander at [email protected] 263 9 882944/5/6 or 263 91 244699/703.

Mikes career includes construction, valuations, mortgage finance, project and housing scheme management. He is the General Manager of Holland and Redfern’s Bulawayo office.

The Homelink Home Purchase Scheme

Martin Redfern from Holland and Redfern, Chartered Surveyors, Bulawayo has this to say about the problems experienced by many prospective purchasers trying to buy properties through the Homelink Scheme:

“Indeed, initially, there were innumerable problems surrounding the Homelink Scheme, mainly to do with incompetent conveyancers, and as you can imagine the left hand not having a clue what the right one was up to. Like many estate agents in Zimbabwe, we more or less gave up on the scheme, particularly as we decided it was not in our clients’ (sellers’) interests to wait months before receiving sale proceeds in a hyper inflationary situation.

However the scheme has been streamlined and we are once again seeing sales being satisfactorily effected using the Homelink Scheme.

Ding Mukono of Holland & Redfern Byo is our resident sales manager and Homelink expert, and he writes as follows:

Steps to purchase your home through HOMELINK

1. Visit HOMELINK in your respective country. You can obtain their details of contact, telephone numbers, address from this website: www.homelinkzimbabwe.com

2. Once you visit a HOMELINK agent, they will assess the amount you can borrow based on your proof of income, proof of Zimbabwean citizenship, and proof of residence. You shall be advised on details and documents that you will require tofacilitate transfer of property you intend to buy in Zimbabwe. A fee will be charged for the service of -150, payable in the UK.

3. Once you know how much you can borrow, the search for a suitable property begins. You can contact registered estate agents who will find you the property and draw up agreements of sale specially designed for the HOMELINK projects. You can find out if the estate agency you are dealing with would be registered by enquiring from the Estate Agency council on this number +263 4 746356 or 746400

4. Once an agreement of sale has been made, it is forwarded to the HOMELINK offices in Zimbabwe who will appoint a private valuer to assess if the property is worth the purchase price. This often happens the very next day.

5. If the valuer approves the purchase price, the HOMELINK office will now instruct their attorneys to register a bond and transfer the property into your name.

6. Please note that the loan amount includes all transfer costs.

7. It takes two weeks to a month from time of signing the agreement of sale to transfer of property to your name if everything is being done efficiently.

8. Holland & Redfern has taken an interest in analyzing the transfer process and are in a position to assist you in achieving the property of your choice in the shortest possible time.

Why not contact Ding on [email protected] or phone him on +263 9 882944-6 during office hours; he really does know his way through what may at first seem like the Homelink maze.

Martin Redfern, a Chartered Surveyor of 30 years experience in Zimbabwe and a partner in Holland & Redfern; is the resident partner in Bulawayo. Email [email protected]
Telephone and Fax : 263 9 882944/5/6

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